Episode 125: Nina Williams Comes Clean.

On Episode 125, I sit down in two different hotel rooms with young boulderer and budding tradster, Nina Williams. Nina takes us through an early cheating incident that formed the basis of why and how she climbs to this day. She walks us down the road of a pro climber with its pressures and requirements. Finally, she weighs in on inspiring women and the gender foibles of the climbing community. Nina brings it in this multi-venue talk.

The Cheater from Rock and Ice

Nina Highballing

The Other Nina Williams


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6 Responses to Episode 125: Nina Williams Comes Clean.

  1. Rob Stone says:

    Chris – I’ve seen the apt term ‘ballpointing’ for ticking a route not done !

  2. Dan Horwitch says:

    When a female climber establishes a new route or boulder problem, i.e. does the first ascent, and it is subsequently sent by a male climber, is the male climber’s ascent categorized as the FMA (first male ascent)? Just asking.

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Haha. Yes. I think this is something you should spearhead. The other issue embedded in here is finding those ascents to repeat. Noted dearth in female first ascensionists.

  3. Just finished listening to this episode. Dr. Kalous, you have done it again. Great conversation with Nina Williams. Her voice belies her youth. Love the conversation, particularly the depth, self-reflection and wisdom. That’s a place you are good at plumbing.

    The Enormocast is like a great chef: it takes a great vision and sense of creativity to fashion a dish concocted in a high quality and consistent manner. That’s Chris. Yet, the other piece is using the finest ingredients to create a dish. Nina, et al., is a great example of that and of the “higher calibre” kind of person that’s found in this tribe.

    As I get to know someone from an Enormocast episode, I often go an see if they have and Instagram presence. For some reason, Nina sounded familiar… Then, when I searched, duh… she’s @sheneenigans! Already following!

    Loved the feint cameo, almost watermark-like appearances of James Lucas as well!

    And I also learned something, quasi- the Power Company podcast-esque: Mind set strategies for high ball bouldering. Good stuff!

    Jeebus, enough fanboydom! 😉 Time to go order some Bonfire Coffee.

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