Episode 29: Cody Roth- Climbing Europhiliac.

Cody Roth leans into it at Refugio La Roca, La Mojarra, Colombia

Cody Roth leans into it at Refugio La Roca, La Mojarra, Colombia. Find the Enormocast sticker for 1000 extra points. Photo: Andrew Burr.

On Episode 29, I sit across a plastic Club Colombia table in Refugio La Roca from undercover bone-crusher Cody Roth. Despite appearances in Chuck Fryberger’s films and Andy Burr following Cody around like Paparazzi hunting Lohan, and despite him crushing 5.14 and V-hard, I postulate that Cody, AKA C.H.U.T, AKA The Critter, is an unknown in the USA. His disappearance into the Alps for a decade didn’t help. Cody and I dive deep into the differences in climbing culture between the US and Europe. We tread water in stereotypes and my thick-headed preconceived notions until we climb out the other side with a great big hug for our Euro brothers and sisters who climb rocks while sporting their jaunty scarves. Cameos abound from Alexandra (our hostess at the refugio), Andy Burr, and Ramillo (AKA Karl) the dog. Viva Colombia!

Cody Climbs in the Sandias, New Mexico,

Cody Sprays on and on about Europe, Bli, Bla, Blub

Who the Hell is Killian Fischhuber?




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14 Responses to Episode 29: Cody Roth- Climbing Europhiliac.

  1. Jordan Moore says:

    You better save up your enormobucks! I’m going to be a bazillionaire in enormoland come October 1st!

  2. alexandra says:

    Hello guys!! Chris, Keith… nice to ear from you in the Enormocast page… We have been climbing and opening a lot of new and sweet routes, is to much rock to open, come again to join us!!! We just find a new place very close to La Mojarra with very jungle landscape and howler monkeys, the rock looks more like limestone with big stalactites. I am taking some pictures soon for you. Hope to see you very soon again, lot os changes in the Refugio… you will love it.
    Light, love and kissessss


    • Chris Kalous says:

      Hey Alex! You actually make a cameo appearance in Cody’s episode! Please send pictures of the new stuff. Sounds cool. I hope you are well. Muchos besos! Chris

  3. Keith Brett says:

    That sounds about right, me run out and barely finishing the climb…
    I’ll get you a copy of the next zine from Luke. It comes out on 4-20.
    I’m on the front range in Longmont, but can get one sent to you where ever you’re at.

  4. Keith Brett says:

    Just ran across your site while surfin. Good to see people getting to the Mojarra, What a sick place! I spent a bit of time there last summer right as Richie and Alex were opening in. Super cool people. Are there still property issues at the far end of the crag from the owner “dientes de oro”? Did you do any interviews with Richie?

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Hey Keith! No Richie in the mic. “No, man! Ha ha ha. I don’t sound right!”

      I think things are mellow at the cliff. We didn’t hear anything about that.

      What great people Richie and Alex are!

      BTW: climbed el custodia. Bad ass route! Yours, right?

        • Keith Brett says:

          La Custodia isn’t ours, we climbed it though when there. Sweet route! I think that route has been there for a while, but I’m not sure. My friend Scott and I put up a more chill route, “verde va” (green go) when we were there. Richie cracks me up, you should have interviewed him anyway, that dude is hilarious! Good to here things are mellow at the cliff! When we were there about half way down the crag, we walked in one day and there was a barbed wire fence built lined with thorns, “propiedad privada.” So of course, being with Richie, we climbed the fence and went climbing anyway.
          Soon to be met by “gold tooth” with his trail machete telling us to leave (of course theres a lot more to this story)! I guess they paid him a few pesos and the fence was opened a few weeks later.. and all is good in mojarra land.. My good buddy just wrote something about this for a friend of mine’s Climbing Zine (Luke Mehall). I’ll have to send it over to ya when it is finished. La Mojarra is epic

          • Chris Kalous says:

            Seems like all is well. There were two gates in the fences. I thought that was your route because Richie told me a story about you running it out to the lip and Reveryone held their breathe while you struggled over the lip and sent. You can imagine how funny it was to hear him tell the story while throwing his hands in the air and grabbing his head “Oh, man. He was REALLY yelling and we thought ‘oh, no, man, he’s gonna fall to the ground!!'”

            Yeah, tell me how to get that zine!

  5. Iain says:

    Sticker – middle one of the three in the top right (ish) corner.

    WOO- go me! 1,000 points!

  6. Lost in Central America says:

    About f#cking time! Thanks in advance.

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