Episode 50: Chris Kalous- Dancing with myself.

Chris Kalous & Sam Lightner Jr, The Ivory Tower 5.13b, Castleton Tower, UT

Photo: Andy Burr

On Episode 50, Brendan Leonard returns to the show for an interview with your not-so-humble host, Chris Kalous. Chris talks about his strange premeditated journey to climbing, his vision for the Enormocast, and even manages NOT to say Free Rider, or the Black Canyon (but a couple Indian Creeks do slip in). You asked for it, now open up and say “Ahhhh”.

GMF: John Grant (go buy this song).

Semi-rad.com (go buy Brendan’s book).



About Chris Kalous

Owner, operator, guru, yogi of enormocast.
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11 Responses to Episode 50: Chris Kalous- Dancing with myself.

  1. William Nelson says:

    Great episode and great Pod/enormo cast. I hope you get your PBR sponsorship. I haven’t had that since college on 5 cent draft night (I remember it tasted kinda like carbonated laundry soap water with a hint of equine micturate). As a cheap beer connoisseur, I also used to drink Strohs, Old Style, Jenny cream ale, Falstaff, Schaffer, Piels and my favorite all time favorite, Weidemans $3.99/case (compete with rebus picture puzzles on the inside of the bottle caps). Keep the podcasts coming maybe Pabst will come begging.

  2. Will says:

    Hey which issue of climbing magazine are you on the front cover??

  3. As always…great episode.

    Chris, I would love to see a copy of your Yosemite Rules 🙂

  4. jen says:

    great show, enjoyed hearing about Kalous’ background and the introspection and day to day of the show and the guests. brenden rocked it as an interviewer, send him out on assignment!! love you guys

  5. marcin says:

    Hey man, thanks for the podcast. Checked it out while setting today at the gym. Helped keep the stoke as the heat was out.

  6. Paul Deane says:

    I absolutely love the Enormocast but I I’ll bet you can’t do an episode without mentioning Rifle!

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