These are other websites and podcasts I like for all sorts of reasons. You might, too:

The Climbingzine: Luke Mehall and crew are the Enormocast’s brothers from another mother.

Splitterchoss: BJ Sbarra is a great help and friend of the show. His success at Splitterchoss has inspired me to start the Enormocast.

Evening Sends: Andrew Bisharat’s classy site and clearinghouse for his writing. Sharp, concise, and witty writing just pours out of this guy.

The Dirtbag Diaries: Fitz Cahall is the Ira Glass of climbing podcasters. I just read that this show has interns! INTERNS! WTF? Where’s my intern?

Semi-rad.com: This shit is just tight. That’s it.

WTF with Marc Maron : This is the podcast that has inspired me the most to do what I do here at the Enormocast. Its gotten huge, but I’ve listened since it was just Marc fumbling around in his garage. His interview style and the fact that he just started with the folks he already knew in the industry led me to think, “I could do that.”

Uhh Yeah Dude: These guys hit it out of the park pretty heavy for a total DIY podcast. Has made me laugh hard enough to pull the car over.

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