Episode 113: Rob Pizem – The Time is Now.

Photos: Andrew Burr, Dan Gambino, Andrew Burr

Photos: Andrew Burr, Dan Gambino, Andrew Burr

On Episode 113, I finally move Rob Pizem from his on-deck status to current guest after saving him for a rainy day for a few years. Pizem, AKA Piz, manages a “normal” life in Grand Junction, Colorado and still climbs really hard. I try to glean the magic of how to have it all: a job(s), kids, wife, international trips, hard sends, training time, and some sleep – and, his blog is up to date!! (perhaps the only professional climber in the world to achieve this audacious feat). Unfortunately, the secret is no secret, just hard work, time management, desire, and (ugh) a bit of golf? Luckily, Rob does tip his hand a few times to give us a glimpse of what it takes to get it done. Essentially: don’t wait, do it now.

More on the Piz machine.



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6 Responses to Episode 113: Rob Pizem – The Time is Now.

  1. piz : ) says:

    Yes, Whipps Ledges was where I first climbed on a rope!

  2. Cara says:

    Yeah, Piz!

  3. piz : ) says:

    Thanks for allowing me to share a bit of who I am with everyone Chris. Keep up the great work.

  4. nathan says:

    Got his start at Whipps Ledges, I’d assume from his description of near Cleveland that’s Awesome

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