Episode 54: Lady's Night at the Enormocast

enormocastOn Episode 54, the Royal We sits down with a bevy of ladies to talk about what makes the perfect climbing male. We discuss superfluous shirt-off climbing, buddy spray, and if climbing hard makes one sexier. A gallon of Cabernet, some nice curtains, and my deep tenor is all it took to get the ladies to open up about their fantasy man. We also hash out the climbing-date-that’s-not-a-date-but-it-is-a-date problem.

Dig this Video of Cool and the Gang’s Ladies Night.



3 Replies to “Episode 54: Lady's Night at the Enormocast”

  1. Question about ‘No shirts off in the gym’.
    What if it’s like 80+ degrees in the gym and there are no ladies around, is it cool to take off your shirt then? And do you score points for putting it back on when a female climber does show up?

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