Listener Spray

Big Love for the Enormocast! Thanks, ya’ll.


Just listened to the BG and JT episodes, loved them! I really liked the ambience of those two shows and that they weren’t just about what you’ve climbed and what next, great storytelling. Being a climber turned professional river guide turned crappy climber I loved hearing the fire crackle and hearing Jonathan’s oars dip in the water and screech in the oar locks took me straight there, felt like I was with you. For the record, great sound on those two shows!

The other show that I love is Brenden/Semi-Rad’s episode. He is such a fucking real dude and you did a great job interviewing him. Talking about addiction and being a mediocre climber, not talked about much. Thank you and keep up the great work.


Chris, love your podcasts.  Listen to them all the time when I am on the treadmill or on the spin bike.  Makes the time here in the Persian Gulf go faster.  I have been buying all of my coffee from Defiant Bean Roasters to support you and also bought two t-shirts yesterday.

Captain Bruce

First off, thank you for your show. I like how diverse all the climbers you speak with are and learning what motivates each of them. As a 24 year old who started climbing less than a year ago it’s great to hear from people like Kelly Cordes and your self who started climbing at a similar age and have done so much interesting stuff. I feel like so much of “climbing media” is focused on very young climbers and really hard climbing. I very much identify with Brendan Leonard’s comment that to him crushing it is leading 5.8 with a pack (though I’m not quite there yet). It’s great to know there is hope for those of us that weren’t going to the gym everyday since they were 16.


Like many, I enjoy listening to the podcast, especially when I can’t get outside due to work, family responsibilities.


Thanks for putting together the enormocast, I have really enjoyed the first ten episodes and look forward to getting the rest dialed in as I am driving to Vegas from my work at the City of Rocks in southern Idaho. The program is enjoyable, doesn’t harp on the overly-sacrednature of everything outside (love the dirtbag diaries, but not everything has to be zen), and the pbr cracking keeps it chill. I am hoping the next seven episodes will help to break up the solitude of the drive as I go the back way through Delta to Vegas for at least the next month, and keep it more low key as I can moderate my intake of suspenseful spy thriller and creepy apocalyptic audiobooks like the road, which I just started, that tend to inspire me to do things like stop and shoot abandoned concrete granaries. If you haven’t seen another car in fifteen minutes why not?


I recently discovered Enormocast by way of Since then I’ve started making my way through the back-episodes, and I’m really enjoying them. I’m very new to climbing and circumstances don’t allow me to spend much time around other climbers, so it’s nice to find another source of inspiration and insight into the community.
Keep it up!


Now, I’ve only been climbing for a couple years, and I only lead like 5.9+ on a good (low gravity) day, but your podcast made my 5 hour drive to my boyfriends house way more enjoyable, and I wasn’t even that upset when I got there and he broke up with me because I was like, that’s cool, I’ll just listen to the enormocast on my way home!


Whats up Chris, just started listening to the enormocast a few weeks ago and i fuckin love it. I drive alot for my job and have listened to all 16 episodes in the last couple weeks, it gets me super stoked to climb.


I just wanted to let you know that your brain child (The Enormocast) crushes it. The guests are great and your banter is priceless. Keep them coming!


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Enormocast. I found out about it when you were around episode 5 and have been listening ever since. My boyfriend and I order a pizza, get a bottle of wine and listen to Enormocast!


Just wanted to say that your show rocks.  I accidentally found it on iTunes around when you released episode 2 or 3.  I’m living in the DC area and its pretty cool to be learning about the climbing on the other side of the Mississippi.  We were listening to the podcasts in the camp site parking lot at the Gunks last weekend while kicking back some mandatory end of the day PBR’s.  Its also been a lifesaver to listen to the show on my weekly pilgrimages to either the New or the Red.  Its so cool to listen to a podcast about climbing when your en route to go climbing.  I’m spreading the word around to my east coast climbing buddies.  Keep up the great work Chris!


Thank you VERY much for the podcast. I spend an awful lot of time riding around the farmlands of central New York in a work van, strenuously resisting an urge to swerve it into the woods just to put an end to my partner’s inane chatter.  Now that I’ve discovered the Enormocast I just pop in the earbuds, turn up the volume, and chuckle softly to myself as he continues to chatter away to nobody about his favorite bottled water brand, or whatever.

The content you’re putting out is pretty rich – often informative and thought provoking, always entertaining.

Thanks again,

You are the BEST! Climbing related, rough around the edges and real. Great  interviews (get Steph to read a bed time story! Great voice). More Kelly! Drag a mike out when you go climbing and work with that. Excelent, keep up the good work. Interview some regular guy that you see climbing all the time, he’s got a story. Shit, interview me, i’ve been climbing in the east for 20+ yrs, I’ve got some shit to say. Keep at it, you’re good!


I just started listening to your podcast, and I think it’s great. I started climbing seriously only a couple of years ago, and the way you cover the sport and the culture reflects the reasons I love it. Plus, I get to learn so much about the history of it, and the major people involved in it. Keep up the good work!


Loving the podcast.  You’ve got a good vibe going. I’m listening from Japan and basically to get to any rocks from Tokyo takes about 3 hours.  Burning thru your product fast…good enough though to go back and listen to ’em again. I’ve listened to them all a number of times and can hear the improvement over time.  Looking forward to what you mentioned, some new ideas…I agree, stay with the podcast and not video, can ‘t do that while we are driving or biking or running.


Your episode with Craig Demartino is phenomenal.  I haven’t even finished the whole thing yet (amputation just happened), but I could stop now and be completely happy with the experience.  Everything else I have read and watched about the guy has been interesting and inspiring.  Your interview with him, however, goes into such greater detail and has really let me learn about not only his accident and ambitions but also Craig as a “normal” guy.  This is opposed to the “character” that has been portrayed on some of the more edited articles and videos out there.  I feel that this is due to your podcast format and the ambition to be unfiltered.


I love your show. At first I thought it was annoying and pointless, but then I listened to the episodes with Kelly Cordes and Hayden Kennedy and I was really impressed. Maybe I changed, or maybe you did. Whatever the case, I find myself transfixed and lost in the conversation now. You’ve got great guests and the conversation really flows. And I love the real, clean, simple approach; no bells and whistles, just the stories. Good, strong work dude.


Chris the podcast is BITCHIN’!!! It makes the days of landscaping go way fast. Keep it up man!


I just spent almost all day in my car driving to upstate NY on a perfect Saturday not to climb, but to coach a climbing comp. Needless to say you’re podcast made a beautiful day spent in the car for 6 hours and in isolation for 3 hours the best it could possibly be.”

Super psyched,
Matt, Listener #17

79 Responses to Listener Spray

  1. Adam says:

    Hey Chris,
    Long time listener, first time caller. I’ve observed that as you’ve interviewed folks like Carlo Traversi and Nalle Hukkataival your outlook towards bouldering as an objective have changed. Have you ever tried to get John Gill on the show? It would be interesting to hear the father of bouldering’s thoughts on the development and current state of climbing.

  2. Martin Kunz says:

    Still enjoying the show. Loved Joe Grant episode (not only because I used to be a trail and off-trail runner).
    Some suggestions:
    David Lama
    Mark Smith and Richard Jensen (Wings of Steel) and maybe right after that – or together ? – Steve Schneider 🙂
    sean villanueva o’driscoll
    Jan Hojer
    Renan Ozturk
    The Favresse brothers
    Adam Ondra

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Thanks for the continued stoke:
      Lama: Actually chatted with him once about it and he seemed stoked. Just hard to pin him down in the States.
      WOS guys: Would be totally cool.
      Shapoopi: I know Steve. He’d do it for sure. He never seems to leave CA.
      Sean and the Belgians: Been chasing them for years…
      Jan Hojer: The Euros are always a trick. I’ll keep my ears open for him coming to the States.
      Renan: One of the few who flat out turned me down. Not a talker, that one.
      Ondra: He is tee upped for the Spring when he visits BD…

  3. Ben says:

    I started climbing, mostly trad about 20 years ago, had kids and took an 8-year break. I’m back and my Brother turned me on to your podcast, holy #$%*, fantastic real down to earth content and after listening to the last 3 podcasts I started back at the first episode and plan to plow through all of it. Props to you Chris, keep it coming.

  4. Martin Kunz says:

    Nice Podcast. Am in my fifties, started climbing only about ten years ago and am terminally obsessed with it.
    Listening to enormocast episodes when cleaning kitchen and cooking. Makes me look forward to it.
    My favorite episodes are Peter Croft and Lynn Hill. What amazing climbers *and* good story tellers.
    Thanks for your work on all this.

  5. Matt says:

    As a 49 year old new (gym) climber Im loving the podcast. I finally just went to Wiki to look up all the terms you guys sling around. Just so you know Random isn’t in there yet.


  6. noah dailey says:

    When are you going to do an episode with Shipoopi?!

  7. Gage Aaron Bryers says:

    Dude, this Podcast is way better than Stuff You Should Know.
    Psyched to burn through some content!

  8. Rob Stone says:

    just found this via JamCrack podcast bigging you up.

    even though i dont really know the people or the areas (being a brit) it’s great to listen to, and i’ve made it through 4 episodes (where you tell us you love the comments 🙂 on my walk to work so far, only another 120 to go.

    excellent interesting and entertaining listening.


  9. Malcolm says:

    Chris, I just finished listening to Episode 90, your interview with Black Diamond CEO, Peter Metcalf. I love all your interviews, but this one was particularly inspiring to me. I recently moved to Salt Lake City, so Peter’s perspective on Utah’s public land politics is particularly germane to me. He is absolutely right, that the future of this state is tied to how well we protect our outdoor resources and environment. Let’s hope the state government wisens up to this reality!

    Thank you for helping spread Peter’s message. Preserve our public lands.

  10. Seb says:

    Hey chris I’m teaching grade 1 and grade 2 this year. Holy smokes the ankle biters are needy! Thanks for keeping me motivated through long planning sessions as I try to cultivate a rob pizem discipline level.

  11. Sash says:

    Hi Chris,

    My friends and I love the Enormocast and binge listen to the episodes on the way to the crags.

    I have a bone to pick with you, though. Recently, you and Cedar Wright were spraying about how you can always tell noobs by the fact that they climb with their belay devices attached to their harness.

    This makes no sense to me. Is this some American thing (or maybe Colorado climber thing?) Everybody I know climbs with their belay device attached to their harness, and, after hearing this on your podcast, I checked out people at the gym and at the crag and most people here in Germany seem to do it.

    Ok – perhaps if you have a Grigri or some other beast of a belay device, or if you’re projecting something super hard where every ounce counts, or are climbing some off-width, then fair enough (yeah, yeah, that’s a lot of ‘ifs’). But otherwise, why the hell not?

    If I climb with my ATC or whatever on my harness I always know where it is. If I put it down at the gym or crag I’m more likely to lose it, and its way faster to switch from climbing to belaying if you’ve got your belay device to hand.

    Anyway, maybe this is just more of a trad climbing versus sport climbing thing. I do know that I have never blamed the extra weight of my belay device for not sending a route.

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Yeah. That conversation got me a lot of shit. Here’s the point: If you are a serious SPORT CLIMBER. If you decide to take your SPORT CLIMBING to a level beyond your current ability. If you decide to train, and worry, do more sit ups, get a light harness, get a skinny rope, and become a TOTAL SPORTO, then you should get rid of unnecessary shit off your harness when you redpoint (and a belay device on a SPORT CLIMB is unnecessary- no set of circumstances would result in you needing to stop and belay). A swimmer would not race in his baggy beach trunks. A sprinter would not run a race with her keys in her pocket – if her ultra light, no wind drag uniform had pockets- which of course they don’t because that would be an extra gram of lycra. So its a matter of attitude and bringing your A game. Be like the champion even if its an .11a.

      But what about when you are not redpointing? When you are not SPORT CLIMBING your hardest? Well, again, pro athletes try to train in the conditions under which they race. I’ve heard it said that “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” So again, drop the extra crap off your harness when you are in SPORT mode.

      You say “All these people I know carry their ATC.” I’m sure they do. I ride my bike in jeans- because I’m out for a casual ride and I really dont give a shit about my performance because I think cycling is lame. But does Alex Megos redpoint .15c with his belay device? Did Wolfgang do Action Direct with anything but his tiny lycra shorts and harness? No (he did have his draws because back then you had to hang them to call it a red point.) Because they are champions. I’d say look at the people in your gym and at your crag who really excel, just the local bad asses, not necessarily Megos, see if they have extra junk on their harness. I bet most of them don’t.

      I give tremendous amounts of shits about my climbing, so I take it very seriously when trying to perform.

      Is that ATC literally going to pull you off the route? Probably not, but its more about the mindset. Bring your A game. Clean the bottom of your shoes. Have just enough chalk, but not too much. Get a belayer you really trust so that is out of mind, etc. And drop that ATC in your pack. Or leave it home because you really are using your Gri Gri anyway for a day of pure SPORT CLIMBING.

      But is it a hard line between noob and experienced climber? No. But if you pursue SPORT CLIMBING hard, eventually you’re going to say “I’m dropping every ounce I can for this project!” Its just a natural progression. In the meantime, keep your ATC on you. Who cares what Cedar Wright thinks of you anyway?

      But with Trad or multipitch climbing, there are a million reasons to bring the ATC and all that other goomba.

      Check your knot.

  12. Wesley Nielson says:

    Just purchased Mehall’s American Climber (after listening to his interview on the Enormocast). Happy to see the Enormocast mentioned not once, but twice on the back of the book. The disease is spreading!

  13. Brandy H says:

    Chris Kalous! I am officially an Enormojunkie. Thanks a lot pal…

    No seriously, thank you. As a dummy who decided to start climbing at 38 years old, your podcast has helped me geek out on so many inspiring and rad climbers. Pretty sure you’ve also kept me from dying since it turns out that listening to a podcast when biking in San Francisco is a lot safer than filling my ears with metal dudes cranking out gnarly riffs. Hey I can hear the conversation AND the cars.

    Also, the Chris Kalous + Marc Maron podcast…I’d love to hear that conversation. You can interview each other about interviewing and podcasting. It’d be the ultra-meta.

  14. John says:

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh enormobaby 🙂 Congratulations!

  15. Greg says:

    As an insanely stressed out cubicle dweller who’s climbing zenith was the 80’s, I’ve found the Enormocast and now listen while I work to reduce my stress levels. When not listening I dream of putting up first ascents on the EnormoDome, unless I’m lurking on the SuperDopo looking for climbing content.
    I know I will never put up a FA on the EnormoDome, but is it possible to buy a guided ascent? I’d pay a lot of money. You could probably fund a long trip to collect some amazing Enormacasts.
    If there isn’t an EnormoDome ascent in my future, so be it, but please keep the love coming my way with more Enormocasts. They are awesome.

    • Chris Kalous says:

      HA. The Enormodome is a magical place that is only approachable via copious hallucinogenics, or, rumors are that one can find it by listening to 100 straight hours of the Enormocast, but that is not recommended or endorsed by my legal team.

  16. Regina says:

    Chris, I love the Enormocast! Absolutely addicted. Thanks so much for these trips into American climbing culture and introducing me to all these inspiring people. And when every once in a while someone mentions this East German place where you can’t use metal protection or chalk, I feel a bit proud cause that’s where I grew up and climbed for the first time as a kid.

    Keep up the great work!

  17. Inigo Taylor says:

    Such a cool podcast, really enjoyed the one with my buddy stevie haston, keep up the great stuff, (should do some with some more legends of the 1980’s)

  18. Eric Knapp says:

    Chris, you rule dude! Keep up the great podcasts!

  19. Seth says:

    Chris! This is long overdue. I also owe you money for the amount of episodes that I have listened to so I will be purchasing some shirts. Hopefully that will help get you down off the paint ladder. As for myself, I listen to the podcast everyday at work and even play along with the intro theme song (I work on guitars all day). It keeps me stoked on climbing even when I don’t have much time to. And it even makes me feel alright about how many kids half my age are out there climbing routes twice as hard. Kelly Cordes and Hayden Kennedy are classics and should be on every episode if possible. They have an awesome attitude towards climbing that I think everyone should keep in mind. Also, since there was a ladies night, there needs to be a guys night episode! I know it sounds silly because it is a male dominated sport but I have to know if the lean in is a real thing along with other creepy dude things in the sport. PS I’m sethbigdaddymoney on instagram if you see me lurking representing the Southeast

  20. Samuel Trimboli says:

    Thanks so much for all the great climbing stories and history lessons. Listening to this show is a great way to get psyched to not only improve your climbing, but to love the lifestyle that climbing evokes.
    Thank you Chris

  21. Dale says:

    Moved to Fl for school a few years ago, thanks for keeping me sane! Great job!

  22. Matt says:

    Been listening for a while and wanted to let you know I think your show is rad! Would be awesome to have an episode with Pamela Pack and Bob Scarpelli! And maybe a non climbing (gasp) show with Marc Maron!

  23. Michael Hauck says:

    Just started listening to the podcast, love it. Unfortunately its like starting Lost from season 1. SOOOOO MUCH TO CATCH UP!!! Keep up the good work!

  24. Adam says:

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia. I have to commute 45 mins each way to work everyday like a freakin’ mindless pleb, and your podcast keeps me from losing my tiny mind. I am spreading the good word here. Great to hear honesty, not the sound of wind whistling up asses. Except the one with Randy Levitt….I don’t know where he ended and you began. I’d be the same, it’s a dead heat between him and Peter Croft, for my all-time idols of climbing. Get PETER CROFT!!!!

  25. Michał says:

    Just recently started climbing a few months ago and although rather late to the party (29), am absolutely in love with and enthralled by this most inspiring, challenging and simply rad thing that we do. Shortly after starting I searched for some podcasts and very happily discovered this gem. You’re a fantastic interviewer and I’m constantly walking around work laughing my arse off and completely immersed in the topics and questions you discuss with your guests. Definitely one of the best podcasts I’ve ever happened to come across. Keep up the amazing work Chris and hope you’re able to keep this thing going for many years to come!

    And as you’ve asked a few times on the show, some of the climbers I’d love to see come on are: Alex Puccio, Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands (a few more boulderers in general really), Tommy Caldwell, Peter Croft and Sasha di Giulian.

    All the best!

  26. Henry says:

    The greatest podcast of all time!

  27. Anthony Angelis says:

    Episode 72 with Kelly Cordes was amazing! One of the best issues ever, very interesting and love all the history that was covered!

  28. Anthony Angelis says:

    Dawn Glanc, episode 67…. Did not like all the feminist rhetoric by Dawn, very off-putting! But I love your show, been in the Roaring Fork valley for thirty years, so it is awesome to listen to great interviews with climbers. Thanks

  29. Kirk and eileen says:

    U need to interview tommy Caldwell after he finishes his climb of El Capitan

  30. Andrew Burch says:

    Just recently found the ENORMOCAST and absolutely love it. No complaints, none. Keep up the awesome work.

  31. Dani says:

    Found your podcast because all I do is type climbing into every web browser, youtube and search bar available. I’m one of those pad sniffers, small hands and smell like skittles. I’ve been sharing your podcasts like crazy to all my climbing pals! Very inspiring and always entertaining. You’re hilarious, thanks for all you do!


  32. adam says:

    These podcasts have helped me push through my bike rides to rumney.

  33. Canadian says:

    You recommended a drinking game on one of your episode for every time you mentioned your favourite climbing area but if the game was to drink every time you said “sure ” we would all have alcohol poisoning! Just joking I love the enormocast great climbing talk and the Eiger Sanction is a great movie !

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Oh, man.”what’s interesting to me is…” And “let me ask you this” would probably get you pretty drunk, too. And “right on”? Forget about it. Dead before minute 30.

  34. Daniel L. says:


    As a 12 year old I dreamed about climbing. I read everything I could on it that the library had, which wasn’t much. However, I never had anyone to teach me how and the desire to do it (safely), simmered just below the surface. 20 years later now and I have been climbing just a handful of times (still struggling to find safe partners who can go when I can). I recently found your podcast on a drive back from Wyoming and I’m hooked, after listening to the four most recent episodes I’ve gone back and started listening from episode 1. You’ve really inspired me to start looking for people to climb with again and to get out there and send some more routes. I feel totally stoked on it again like that 12 year old version of me.

    I might be in Lander this year, if so I owe you some beer.

    – Daniel

  35. Matt says:


    I work for Cal State Parks as a Park Aide (a euphemism for park janitor; aka toilet scrubber; aka fire pit shoveler ). I’m a pretty new listener; however, your podcast has gotten me through a few days where I can just put my head down and scrub away at that bowl. It helps me take my mind of of what I’m actually doing hah. It’s okay work though because I get three months out of the year off to go climbing! I’ve been listening everyday since and I plan on purchasing one your of your tees to rep around town. Anyway, thanks for producing your cast, and know that you have another devoted listener.


  36. Till says:

    Found out about your podcast two weeks ago, because someone mentioned it in a r/climbing post on reddit. Already listened to every episode since then and eagerly awaiting the next one.
    Thank you for doing this, all these stories haven been a huge boost to my motivation to go out and climb more.

  37. Brian Ketron says:

    I love the Enormocast!
    Since I became a dad, and now have much, much, more time to dream about climbing, The Enormocast has either saved my sanity, or is making me crazier.
    I’m a general contractor, and I find myself, pulling up to jobsites, listening to your deal, and faking a phone call… thanks… a lot!
    Really tho’, Chris, u rock!
    P.S. I am contributing by buying a t-shirt. I hope you see some of that $$$

    • Chris Kalous says:


      as painting contractor, podcasts are the saving grace on jobsites. But it’s different for me than being a general. Everyone wants to bug you. I can just lock in the headphones and be left in peace most days.

      Thanks for the props. Glad I can help with the stoke.


  38. Desmond says:

    A climbing partner recommended your show a few weeks back. Excellent job. I’ve been binge listening at work. Keeps my mind psyched on climbing during the cold dreary winter days.
    It’s the audio book of “Everything you wanted to know about climbing but were afraid to ask.”

    Listener mail episodes and Episode 14 were recent listens. Very funny and informative. Keep them coming.

    Calgary, Alberta

  39. Krista Cloud says:

    Hey there,
    I was suckered into this podcast with the Lynn Hill interview, listened to it and now about 11 episodes later still hooked! Listen to ya on my way to the crag and running. Crass, raw humor keeps me in stitches! Keep up the good work.

  40. sarah says:

    I just got through a 2 hour root canal by listening to episode 50 and part of 51. Thanks. Really.

  41. sarah says:

    I just got through a 2 hour root canal by listening to 50 and part of 51. Thanks. Really.

  42. George says:

    I’m a Brit living in Canada and stumbled across the Enormocast and I love some of the esoterica, like the pie baking climber. Superb.

    Oh, and I think the Eiger Sanction quotes are great too. Keep up the good work; you may not make it, but you are continuing in style.

  43. Tim Gibson says:

    Hey Chris,

    The book “Into the Silence” that Joshua Brandon mentioned on your last show was written by Wade Davis. He is my girlfriend’s dad, and after sending him the show, he was very flattered to have his book mentioned in this discussion. It is this history of young men returning changed from war that motivated him to write about the Mallory Expedition.

    keep it up.

    • Chris Kalous says:


      I read Into the Silence since the interview. Quite an insight into the lives of Mallory et al. Also, a hell of a look at WW1.

      Mallory seemed cut from the same clothe of so many misfits that came after: real life was much more difficult than life in the mountains.

      Please give Mr Davis my regards. He, of course, would always be welcome on the show.


  44. Casey says:

    Dude this podcast is for me, I live in the freaking panhandle of Texas. When the season comes I start pacing around the house and my wife makes my talk to my dog about climbing because she gets bored of my never ending “hey we should climb RMNP!” or “Hillary we should go camp out in Sugarite State Park” or “wouldn’t this be an awesome hold!” Eventually I just have to go climb the woody in my garage and play the Enormocast. Dude you guys help mellow my insanity!


    • Chris Kalous says:

      The panhandle of Texas!? Doesn’t James McMurtry have a tune about that zone? Next time you get on that woody, crank “Choctaw Bingo” by James McMurtry until the cops come. If you do that, I’ll have you (and your dog) on the show.

  45. Jamie says:

    I have been listening to this non-stop since I found it! Love the topics and the tone good job keep it up!

    Go Climbing!

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