Episodes 1-20

Episode 1: Welcome to the Enormocast.

Episode 2: Take Your Secret and Shove it!

Episode 3: Kelly Cordes is livin’ life disaster style.

Episode 4: BJ Sbarra (and Thunderpup) is here to inspire you.

Episode 5: Andrew Bisharat prepares to die.

Episode 6: Hayden Kennedy: Alpine Taliban or Patagonian Custodian™? (Part 1)

Episode 7: Hayden Kennedy: Alpine Taliban or Patagonian Custodian™? (Part 2)

Episode 8: Steph Davis needs a lawyer and some ginkgo biloba.

Episode 9: Sam Lightner fights for your right to party (climb).

Episode 10: On our movie date, Kelly Cordes explains the coward’s guide to alpinism.

Episode 11: What has two arms, one leg, and climbs like a mofo? Craig Demartino.

Episode 12: Girl, you’ll be a woman soon (remix).

Episode 13: Cedar Wright, witness to the sickness.

Episode 14: Partners- More than just a soft catch.

Episode 15: Those meddling kids, Steve Denny and Henry Nadell.

Episode 16: Kate Rutherford– light, slow, and lucky.

Episode 17: Brendan Leonard, living the American dirtbag dream.

Episode 18: Randy Leavitt– Slackers need not apply.

Episode 19: Jeff Jackson– Journeyman, Mystic

Episode 20: Listener Mail Volume 1