Episodes 41-60

Episode 41: Paul Piana, Rock Climbing Legend.

Episode 42: Luke Mehall– Keeping the Dirtbag Faith.

Episode 43: Asa Firestone – Beyond Climbing.

Episode 44: Joshua Brandon alive and well in the mountains.

Episode 45: Aaron Mulkey– Cold, wet and loving it.

Episode 46: Listener Mail Volume Two.

Episode 47: James Lucas– The Life of Pie.

Episode 48: Hazel Findlay – Being blonde, bold, and resolute!

Episode 49: On Stage with Honnold and Kennedy².

Episode 50: Chris Kalous– Dancing with myself.

Episode 51: Lynn Hill– Ain’t no mountain high enough. Part 1.

Episode 52: Lynn Hill– Ain’t no mountain high enough. Part 2.

Episode 53: Josh Wharton– Too good to flail.

Episode 54: Lady’s Night at the Enormocast.

Episode 55: Eric Bjornstad– OD (Original Dirtbag).

Episode 56: Live Enormocast from Bonfire Coffee.

Episode 57: Enormocast Mega Pack.

Episode 58: Chris Schulte – Bouldering sensei.

Episode 59: Jeremy Collins – The Art of Climbing.

Episode 60: Building a Better Climber w/ Topher Donahue and Chris Van Leuven.