Episodes 21-40

Episode 21: James Lucas– His finger in all the pies.

Episode 22: Climb hard and walk tall with Andrew Bisharat.

Episode 23: Mason Earle– Master of his domain.

Episode 24: Brittany Griffith– Mary Anne with a vengeance.

Episode 25: On tour with JT and the BAG.

Episode 26: Kevin Landolt pushing back against the universe.

Episode 27: Mayan Smith-Gobat – Mama don’t take no mess.

Episode 28: Alex Honnold– Calmer than you are.

Episode 29: Cody Roth– Climbing Europhiliac.

Episode 30: Matt Samet– Climbing up from the depths of madness.

Episode 31: Hayden Kennedy + Andrew Bisharat + PBR = Frothy Climbing Spray.

Episode 32: Paige Claassen– Climbing isn’t everything.

 Episode 33: Jonathan Siegrist– Born to be a bad (and by that, we mean good).


Episode 35: Jen Olson– Lucky Number 7.

Episode 36: Choss Wranglers BJ Sbarra and Mike Schneiter.

Episode 37: The Safety Dance with Duane Raleigh.

Episode 38: Kris Odub Hampton learns that falling is floating.

Episode 39: Henry Barber, enough said.

Episode 40: Doug Shepherd– Too smart to be stupid.