Episodes 61-80

Episode 61: Don McGrath and the Vertical Mind.

Episode 62: Angie Payne– Type A for Angela.

Episode 63: Dr. Jared Vagy– The Climbing Doctor is in.

Episode 64: Bill Ramsey and Dan Mirsky – The Student Becomes the Master.

Episode 65: Russ Clune– The Lifer.

Epsiode 66: Angela Van Wiemeersch– The Ice Gypsy.

Episode 67: Dawn Glanc – The Icewoman Cometh.

Episode 68: Becca Skinner– Living the Legacy.

Episode 69: Live Enormocast New River Gorge Craggin’ Classic.

Episode 70: Listener Mail Volume 3

Episode 71: Jessa Goebel– Making it work.

Episode 72: Author Kelly Cordes– In Search of Justice.

Episode 73: Frank Sanders– Man of the Tower.

Episode 74: Brady Robinson– The Accidental Advocate.

Episode 75: Stevie Haston– Rad Reputation.

Episode 76: Ethan Pringle– Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Episode 77: Anna Sțhr and Kilian FischhuberРThe Iron Couple.

Episode 78- Sonnie Trotter– Nicer Than You Are.

Episode 79- Fear, not loathing, in Las Vegas (Live).

Episode 80: Nina Caprez– For the love of climbing.