Enormocast 263: Steve House – The Art of Alpinism

Photos clockwise: House, M. Thurk, M. Thurk, House

On Episode 263 of the Enormocast, I sit down for a long overdue conversation with one of the greatest alpinists of all time, Steve House. Steve house spent 20 years riding the cutting edge of alpinism. His ascents of K7, The Rupal Face, and the Slovak Direct, among many more, represented a sea change in the world of highly technical big mountain climbing. But all that time strung out to the max took its toll, and finally an accident on Mount Temple in the Canadian Rockies signaled the beginning of the end for Steve’s climbing aspirations. Steve cowrote the lauded book Training for the New Alpinism and now heads Uphill Athlete and coaches aspiring mountaineers the world over. He is also a dad and husband. After all these years on the edge, Steve put the work in daily to keep life simple, free, and filled with love.

Enormocast 262: Caroline George – Belonging

On Episode 262 of the Enormocast, I connect across continents and oceans to Switzerland and Caroline George. Caroline is one of the most accomplished climbers you’ve never heard of, an early female IFMGA guide, a mom, and a Swiss Ms. She holds US, French, and Swiss passports which open the world for climbing and professional opportunities. Though Caroline almost lost her way into the world of being a city-based lawyer, the mountains beckoned after a personal tragedy and a near-fatal accident, and soon she was accidentally dropping her tools on her future husband and guiding partner in Ouray, CO. Caroline rounded out her life goals with the birth of her daughter. Now based in the Swiss and French Alps, Caroline guides worldwide and advocates for more inclusion and acceptance of woman in the guiding industry, climbing community, and the world at large.

Caroline’s Website

Enormocast 261: Timmy Kang – A Different Soul

Photos: Victoria Kohner

On Episode 261 of the Enormocast, I connect with highball boulderer, Timmy Kang, to reflect on life, his youth, and the completion a major project. In December 2022, Timmy did 5 major Highballs in Bishop in a day, including the feared and revered Too Big to Flail. The forthcoming film, Focus, was made by Timmy and friends to document the audacious day. Through the runup and sending of the project, Timmy delved into all the emotions and reflections requisite in climbing dangerous and difficult things. He discovered incidents and influences throughout his life that lead him directly to the top of that last boulder and for now, the pinnacle of his career. But of course, there’s more to come from an over-stoked Timmy Kang.