Enormocast 288: Don McGrath – The Vertical Mind Returns

On Episode 288 of the Enormocast, I reunite with Don McGrath, the author of the book Vertical Mind. Don appeared nearly a decade ago on the podcast, and his book on the mindset of climbing has never left the conversion. Don has spent the last 10 years learning even more about overcoming the hurdles our brains set up for us on the wall. He’s helped thousands of climbers make steps to improve their climbing and their enjoyment of climbing. Now in his 60s, Don is also learning what it takes to perform as you age and stay in the mix. Overall, a fun and enlightening conversion with an OG training guru.

The Vertical Mind Show

The Vertical Mind Podcast

Enormocast 287: Mo Beck – A Certain Version of Fine

On Episode 287 of the Enormocast, I connect with Paraclimbing champion, Mo Beck. Mo was born with one hand, and her parents were determined to make sure she was ready for challenges of life like any other kid. When Mo ran into a camp counselor that told her that she didn’t HAVE TO climb if she wanted to sit it out, her life’s course was set. Mo went on to several gold medals in paraclimbing, a starring role in Cedar Wright’s film, Stumped, a Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year award, and a life as a pro climber. Mo also founded the Adaptive Climbers Festival. Representation of disabled climbers is her game, and she dreams of big expeditions to the greater ranges, but whatever you do, don’t call her an inspiration.

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Enormocast 286: Didier Berthod – Facing the World (Part 1)

Photos: Fred Moix, Thomasina Pidgeon, Pim Shaitosa

On Episode 287 of the Enormocast, I connect through to America’s hat with Swiss crack-master, Didier Berthod. You might have heard about Didier from his recent send of Cobra Crack. The media mentions Didier disappearing from climbing for 10 years, returning to slay the Cobra, yada, yada, but that Didier’s completion of the Cobra has a much deeper significance and symbolism than most can imagine. Didier and I go way back, but even I only knew a fraction of his story from the last 20 years. However, Didier comes clean in this episode about his religious journey, his poor decision to leave his partner and their unborn child, his redemption arc in Squamish, and finally sending the route the denied him so many years ago. This is one of the wildest stories ever told on the Enormocast. Part 2 in your feed soon.

My own prostrations to a route that Didier and I put up together: The Day I Sent Learning to Fly

Didier and Cobra from FIRST ASCENT

Crack of Destiny