Enormocast 268: Lincoln Stoller – The Physics of the Unknown

On Episode 268, I connect across the northern border with former climber and current therapist, Lincoln Stoller. Lincoln came up climbing in the 70s, and his wide ranging career in climbing found him partnered with the likes of Fred Beckey, Dougal Haston, George Lowe, and John Stannard. When his interest in climbing waned, he found himself face to face with quantum physics, earning a PhD under some of the greats of the field. Then it was on to a myriad of pursuits including psychology, finance, psychedelics, and ultimately (for now) counseling. In the outdoors, Lincoln specialized in solo climbs, solo treks, solo travels, and after climbing, he found scuba, para-gliding, snowboarding, and became a soarplane pilot. Lincoln has written six books on the working of the mind. He also offers therapy through the American Alpine Club’s Grief Fund.

Enormocast 267: Michael Gardner – Beyond the Legacy

Photos: Alex Schofield, Drew Smith, and Sam Hennessy 

On the Episode 267 of the Enormocast, I sit down with alpinist and Exum guide, Mike Gardner. Mike was born to the mountains and a life in guiding with early summers in the Tetons and tagging along on expeditions with his father, George Gardner. But when George was killed in a climbing accident when Mike was 16 years old, Mike’s view of climbing was decidedly shattered. He found therapy in free-skiing for some time and being a “lawless” teenager, but he finally returned to climbing and guiding with encouragement from the wise guides of Exum. In the last few years, Mike and a crew of like-minded and young Alaska climbers have been getting serious about fast and light approaches to big objectives. With a comradery based on joy and having “fun”, they have been blazing up routes like the Slovak Direct in Denali in record times and ideal style.

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Up Close: Mike Gardner

Enormocast 266: Erik “Alleycat” Hingerty – Above the Lighted Stage

On Episode 266 of the Enormocast, I sit down with stagehand, rigger, former BMXer, and “every-person” climber, Erik “Alleycat” Hingerty. Erik grew up underground street-riding on his BMX bike: ducking any fame, and trying to keep it real. But the accidents and injuries started to mount as he pushed his limits on a bike and started to age out. Then he found climbing to replace his adventure-jones and hasn’t looked back since. Now Erik thinks he’s found a pretty ideal vocation for traveling climbers: rigging and being a stagehand. Erik travels around the country to festivals and shows getting paid, seeing music, and climbing on his time off. If you’re looking for something to make the road-life ends meet, Erik might just be the guy to contact.

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