Enormocast 251: Steve McClure – Immersion

Photos L and R: Keith Sharples

On Episode 251 of the Enormocast, I talk with legendary British climber, Steve McClure. Steve was introduced to climbing as a youth by his folks, and by his teens, he possessed a deep well of trad skills. The two successive serious accidents sent him spinning away from climbing for a time, but the advent of sport climbing, and his discovery of the joys of trying hard, brought Steve back into the fold. Within a few years following his return, Steve was THE top British sport climber and perhaps the best in the world at a certain type of power endurance climbing found at the infamous Raven Tor. Now approaching 50 years on a rope, Steve is still trying hard, still looking for that immersive experience, and still loving climbing.

All Things Steve

Steve’s immaculate Wikipedia

Steve McClure at Raven Tor

Enormocast Tweener: Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook’s Greenland Odyssey

Al Photos Jaron Pham

On this in-between ep of the Enormocast, I reconnect with Bron Hodgins and Jacob Cook to get a great trip report on their summer 2022 climbing and paddling expedition to Greenland. On Bron’s last Enormocast from August 2022, she was literally days away from departure when we recorded. The expedition was 40 days give or take, involved 6 team members, and was done by inflatable kayak and foot. Several walls were climbed, including a first ascent on the massive Kaersorsuak (Sanderson’s Hope).

Enormocast 250: Ryan Devlin – The Struggle is Real(ly) a Climbing Podcast

On Episode 250 of the Enormocast, I connect with fellow climbing podcaster, Ryan Devlin. Among many far greater and meaningful accomplishments, Ryan created and runs The Struggle Climbing Podcast. As the name implies, Ryan talks with prominent climbers about not so much their moments of triumph as their moments of struggle. He hopes that we huddled masses floundering on the warm-ups can learn from the struggles of the greats. Also, Ryan and I discuss his successful career in Hollywood and his philanthropic endeavors, and of course, his climbing. All in all, a fun podcast summit between the podcasting FNG (Ryan) and the crusty SOB (me) about life behind the mic.