Enormocast 236: Malik Martin and Conrad Anker – Brothers, Friends, and Countrymen

All photos: Max Lowe

On Episode 236 of the Enormocast, I sit down next to, but for some reason not in, a hot springs pool with Malik Martin and Conrad Anker. Conrad and Malik met at Memphis Rox when Malik was working there, and the North Face had sent Conrad to check it out. Memphis Rox is a unique gym, a non-profit, and known for its outreach to the South Memphis community. Malik was already a photojournalist, but his curiosity about outdoor photography bonded him and Conrad. Since that fateful meeting, Malik has come to call Conrad his “Mountain Dad”. Since entering the industry, Malik has become an outspoken advocate for diversity and representation for the Black community in the outdoor industry. He’s not afraid to confront racism, hypocrisy, and apathy in climbing around diversity. Climbers may be most familiar with Malik Martin from Sender Films’ Black Ice.

Malik and Conrad at the Alpenglow Speaker Series


Enormocast 235: TAPS 2022 – This Podcast is For Sale Edition

Andrew Bisharat, Thirst Trap, Andy Salo

On Episode 235, the 2022 TAPS Edition of the Enormocast has arrived. Returning curmudgeon, Andrew Bisharat, and I rough up FNG Andy Salo on this year’s nearly 2 hour show. Lined up at the guillotine this year are the notions that selling out is a bad thing, climbers are counterculture rebels and free thinkers, the one track traddie, the “male dominated” trope in climbing media, “day flash”, Olympic fever, 8000 meter climbing, and more. We finish with a drop in from former TAPS maven Steve Dilk who was actually nearly killed in 2021. Alas, remember that the Enormocast is for entertainment purposes only, and if we sent up your sacred cow, relax, buddy. Also, DON’T CLIMB ON WET SANDSTONE, and follow our sponsor, Breukelen Distilling.


Enormocast 234: Siebe Vanhee – The Talisman

On Episode 234 of the Enormocast, I connect via lousy internet with Belgian, Siebe Vanhee. At the moment of recording, Siebe is sitting inside the famous “Caf” in Yosemite valley – the appropriate site of so much spray over the years. Siebe is in the valley with Sebastien Berthe to attempt the Dawn Wall. Siebe first talks of getting somewhat humbled on the first pitches of that storied wall, then we move to his training in the alpine. The film Notes from the Wall, produced by Siebe himself, becomes the cornerstone of a talk about goals, maturity, and relationships. He went from gym rat to bigwall trad climber and the journey has not been without its triumphs and tragedy. And at the posting of this episode, his Dawn Wall attempt is ongoing and in no way a certain success.