Enormocast 285: Nico Favresse – Mad to Live

On Episode 285 of the Enormocast, after long last, I connect with Belgian rock-climber and alpinist, Nico Favresse. Nico is certainly a contender for the most experienced expedition rock-climber of all time. Perhaps only rivalled by his ubiquitous partner, Sean Villanueva-O’Driscoll? Nevertheless, Nico is an all-arounder who has tackled the biggest and most remote bigwalls on the planet. In addition, Favresse is a hot-shot single pitch trad climber, sport-climber, and (was) comp-climber. But maybe, just maybe, he is best known for pulling off acoustic jam sessions in the harshest conditions and faraway places. He brings his enthusiasm to the Enormocast with tails of his beginnings, stories from his biggest climbs, tributes to his partners, and finally, and original guitar tune to take us home.

8 Replies to “Enormocast 285: Nico Favresse – Mad to Live”

  1. About time! I’ve waited years for this one. Great job getting Nico pinned down for an interview. Feels like you just scratched the surface with this one. Hopefully he makes a return. Again, great job getting Nico on the Enormocast. Thanks!

  2. Such a good episode. Dodo’s delight is still the best reel rock. I’m really looking forward to the Smith Curry episode as well. Sounds like it will be a good one and nice for Tennessee to get some love

    1. Hey J,
      Nico is a fun guy to tallk to. And yes, the Smith one is pretty cool. A lot less climby, mind you, you know how I can nerd out on the music.

  3. Chris,

    Enjoyed the interview and Nico’s energy. Fun fact: Warren Harding (our guy, not the President) went to Marysville High School a few decades before Nico!

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