Enormocast 270: Briana Mazzolini-Blanchard – Doing What Needs to Be Done

On Episode 270 of the Enormocast, we are joined by Indigenous activist and climber, Briana Mazzolini-Blanchard. Though her path to accepting her heritage as a member of the CHamoru/Tugong Clan with origins in Guam was not without struggles, Briana has spent the last 6 years advocating for Indigenous peoples in Ohio and Eastern Kentucky. As a board-member of the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition, she has spearheaded that group’s outreach to under-served and under-represented communities. As Executive Director of the Urban Native Collective, she also strives to serve the Indigenous community outside of climbing. Finally, as a climber/advocate, Briana wants to rattle our cages and make us think about how we impact the land and what the climbing community is going to look like, value, and accept going forward.

Enormocast Tweener: Tyler Karow Saves a Goat (Maybe a Sheep?)

Photo: Cobra Pillar, Mt. Barill, Imanol Amundarain

On this in-between episode of the Enormocast, you get the outtakes from Episode 269 with climber, Tyler Karow. After the official interview ended, we kept talking about climbing in Jordan, the social cost of the itinerant climbing lifestyle, and a few more tidbits for your pleasure. And the cops showed up. Enjoy this free “bonus” from the Enormocast, but please support the title sponsors: Black Diamond, Sportiva, and Yeti – they’re why its free to you.

Enormocast 269: Tyler Karow – Engineering the Stoke

Photos: Imanol Amundarain, Felipe Nordenflycht

On Episode 269 of the Enormocast, I catch up with the elusive and prolific climber, Tyler Karow. Though Tyler has a popular presence on Youtube and Instagram, he still remained, for me, an enigma of sorts. Tyler burst on the national scene with a ground up free ascent of Golden Gate on El Cap (5.13) with Amity Warme – true ground up style being something of a lost Yosemite art. Then he added to his renown with incredible ascents in Patagonia (especially for a relative newb ), the Sierra, and beyond. Tyler has been occasionally supported by climbing companies, but he has avoided any commitment to title sponsors despite his qualifications. Instead, he relies on his Civil Engineering degree and love of building to fund his Rock And Roll Lifestyle.

Tyler and Amity on Golden Gate

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