Enormocast 253: Nik Berry – In the Arena

Photos: Eric Bissel, Austin Siadak, Andrew Burr

On Episode 253 of the Enormocast, climber and avid first-ascensionist, Nik Berry, joins the Enormocast. Nik was a typical suburban Salt Lake kid until he found and became obsessed with climbing. His go-for-it attitude brought him early success as well as some close calls. But Nik reigned in the risk enough to become one of the most accomplished big wall free-climbers out there. Along the way, he climbed and had epic partnerships with the likes of Hayden Kennedy, Mason Earle, and Alex Honnold. Now, Nik splits his time between being a sponsored climber, dirtbagging, and being a contract ER nurse across the country.

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Enormocast 252: Fallon Rowe – What Would Marcus do?

Left Photo Ben Frank

On Episode 252 of the Enormocast, I connect with climber and author, Fallon Rowe. Fallon grew up in Idaho as a scrappy adventurer amongst beauty queens, and like many before her, she was gifted climbing by the YMCA. Her outdoor climbing dreams were solidified while attending College in Logan, Ut – striking distance of the Wasatch, City of Rocks, Indian Creek and more. But then a slow rolling disaster hit in the form of an abusive boyfriend and a nightmare relationship. Fallon has just completed a manuscript about that relationship and the trauma that accompanied those months many years ago. Fallon also manages chronic illness while climbing. On this show, she’s ready to talk, come clean, and move on – like a good stoic should.


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Fallon discussed climbing with chronic illness on the Deliberate Living podcast with Holly Priestley

Enormocast 251: Steve McClure – Immersion

Photos L and R: Keith Sharples

On Episode 251 of the Enormocast, I talk with legendary British climber, Steve McClure. Steve was introduced to climbing as a youth by his folks, and by his teens, he possessed a deep well of trad skills. The two successive serious accidents sent him spinning away from climbing for a time, but the advent of sport climbing, and his discovery of the joys of trying hard, brought Steve back into the fold. Within a few years following his return, Steve was THE top British sport climber and perhaps the best in the world at a certain type of power endurance climbing found at the infamous Raven Tor. Now approaching 50 years on a rope, Steve is still trying hard, still looking for that immersive experience, and still loving climbing.

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Steve McClure at Raven Tor