Episodes 141-160

Episode 141: Sam Lightner Jr. – Heavy Green.

Episode 142: John Middendorf – Build It and They Will Go.

Episode 143: The TAPS Edition AKA Kill Your Daisy Chain with Andrew Bisharat and Steve Dilk.

Episode 144: Raphael Slawinski – Control Within the Chaos.

Episode 145: Mary Harlan – Almost Famous.

Episode 146: Majka Burhardt – From Climbing to Conservation.

Episode 147: Phil Powers – Teacher, Steward, Student.

Episode 148: Hugh Herr – Never Broken.

Episode 149: Freddie Wilkinson – Just Stoked to Be There.

Episode 150: Live at 5Point with Brendan Leonard and OG podcaster, Fitz Cahall.

Episode 151: A Candid Ascent of El Cap.

Episode 152: Mark Hudon and Max Jones – As Free as Can Be.

Episode 153: Janet Wilkinson – A Little Help From Her Friends.

Episode 154: Buddy Nielsen – One Version of a Dangerous World.

Episode 155: Dean Fidelman – Film, Like Love, Takes Time Part 1.

Episode 156: Dean Fidelman – Film, Like Love, Takes Time Part 2.

Episode 157: Katie Lambert – Face Yourself.

Episode 158: Ken Yager and the Yosemite Facelift.

Episode 159: Sam Elias – You Can’t Climb Everything.

Episode 160: Kathy Karlo Goes Deep.