Episode 156: Dean Fidelman – Film, Like Love, Takes Time Part 2.


On Episode 156 of the Enormocast, we find the second half of an interview with artist, photographer, climber, historian, Dean Fidelman. Dean was/is a Stonemaster, was/is a Stone Monkey – the only guy to really span those two distant eras. His climbing odyssey began in the early 70s at Stony Point in Los Angeles, and 40 some years later, Dean remains dedicated to living the dream in Yosemite, a place he found not long after beginning climbing. Now Dean is striving to chronicle all the history he has seen through the lens of his camera and hoping to mentor those who will capture the epic climbing history of today and tomorrow.

The LAST Stone Nudes Kickstarter

Dean’s Oeuvre:

The Iron Age: Yosemite in the 50s

The Now Out-of-Print Stonemasters Book

The Also Out-of-Print Stone Nudes Art in Motion Book

John Yablonski in Josh Photo: Fidelman
Erica in Yosemite. Photo: Fidelman
Dean Potter. Photo: Fidelman

13 Replies to “Episode 156: Dean Fidelman – Film, Like Love, Takes Time Part 2.”

  1. Definitely one of my favorite interviews. Super inspiring and I always enjoy hearing about the stonemasters and stone monkeys. Thanks for having Dean on the show. It was also great that you got Max and Mark on! I’d be psyched if you could talk with Ron Kauk. Or Tony Yaniro. Or Ron Carson??

  2. Man, there’s so much wisdom in there I’m going to have to listen to it at least four times. What a humble and cool guy. They don’t make em like that anymore.

  3. That was a completely amazing interview! It was so raw, informative, eloquent, and meaningful. He has lived through all of the history that he speaks of first hand, and it is obvious. He has seen the passing of eras and the passing of many a friend. Dean Fidelman’s art has truly made it’s mark in keeping alive all the memories. The Stone Nudes project is absolutely gorgeous. I so respect how he brings the beauty of women and the beauty of the landscape of climbing together. I hope you will do more interviews with Dean in the future as he continues to give back to the climbing community.

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