Episodes 101-120

Episode 101: Justin Wood – Problem Solver.

Episode 102: Rebecca Rusch – Once a Climber, Always a Climber.

Episode 103: Stacy Bare– All We Need is Love, Climbing.

Episode 104: Ines Papert – Walking the The Beautiful Line.

Episode 105: Will Stanhope – Real Men Don’t Cry (Mostly).

Episode 106: Live from Bonfire Coffee 2016 w/ Cedar Wright, Leici Hendrix, and Jen Altschul.

Episode 107: Mike Libecki – Passion for Adventure.

Episode 108: Joe Kinder – Working for it.

Episode 109: Chelsea Rude – Can She Suffer? Yes, She Can.

Episode 110: Cheyne Lempe – Finding His Way.

Episode 111: Brad Gobright – High Class Dirtbag.

Episode 112: Jean-Pierre “Peewee” Ouellet – The Collector.

Episode 113: Rob Pizem – The Time is Now.

Episode 114: Kolin Powick uses SCIENCE to keep you ALIVE!

Episode 115: Paul Robinson Loves to Fail.

Episode 116: Dave Allfrey – Psyched and Solid.

Episode 117: Heather Weidner – The Life of Try.

Episode 118: Conrad Anker – You’ve Come Far, Pilgrim.

Episode 119: Brette Harrington – Go Your Own Way.

Episode 120: Kris Hampton, Miguel and Dario Ventura – Life Imitates Art [REBROADCAST]