Episodes 181-200

Episode 181: Malcolm Daly – The Limb Reaper

Episode 182: Molly Mitchell – Silence the Mind, Send the Climb.

Episode 183: Jim Donini – Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends.

Episode 184: Corey Rich – The Story is the Thing

Episode 185: Hobo Greg – Crossing the Threshold.

Episode 186: Sean Bailey – The New Old School.

Episode 187: Brittany Goris- To Dream the Impossible (Trad) Dream.

Episode 188: Jason Kruk – When There’s Nothing Left to Prove.

Episode 189: Lee Cujes – Welcome to Australia, Mate.

Episode 190: TAPS 2020 aka The Things We Wished Were Cancelled Edition.

Episode 191: Dakota Walz – From Catch Outs to Runouts.

Episode 192: Jenny Fischer – Love and Logic.

Episode 193: George Lowe III – A Fortunate Man.

Episode 194: Dru Mack – Getting Out of His Own Way.

Episode 195: Tom Randall – Just a Pony Shuffler at Heart.

Episode 196: Janelle and Mark Smiley – The Purpose Makes Strong the Vow.

Episode 197: Katie Brown – The Invisible Girl.

Episode 198: Tom Livingstone – Devotion’s Visage.

Episode 199: Old Dog, New Ticks with Kris Hampton

Episode 200: Timmy O’Neill – A Life of Yes.