Episode 186: Sean Bailey – The New Old School.

On Episode 186 of the Enormocast, I sit down with comp climber, boulderer, and sport climber, Sean Bailey. Sean’s outdoor feats include an ascent of Biographie/Realization (5.15a) in Ceuse, France and Joe Mama (5.15a) at Oliana, Spain. His comp results have put him on top of Nationals in both bouldering and lead, not to mention a space early in his career on the USA youth team as, wait for it, a SPEED CLIMBER. Sean admits that there is a bit of a conflict between climbing outside and training for comps. Nevertheless, he does his best to unite his passion as a competitor and passion for outdoor climbing. We also discuss Sean’s reluctant but necessary participation in social media. A little bit punk rock, a little bit hip-hop, Sean Bailey may just be the vanguard of a new wave of young, serious, slightly disaffected climbers ready to crush the old’s expectations.

3 Replies to “Episode 186: Sean Bailey – The New Old School.”

  1. Somehow I had missed this episode in the feed. On our big cross-country drive home this summer I loaded this one in the queue and boy-howdy is it a dark horse! There’s some special old school/new school comedic chemistry going on across the mic in this episode. Very enjoyable.

  2. Literally LOL when Sean mentioned about Chris Sharma having a ‘kid’.

    That’s it, parents. Pack your bag and go home, the glory day is over.

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