Episode 185: Hobo Greg – Crossing the Threshold.

On Episode 185 of the Enormocast, I am joined in Carbondale by a mythical figure named Hobo Greg. Who is Hobo Greg? I don’t know, even now. He left his home in New Jersey on a Greyhound bus four years ago and is now a climbing guide in Joshua Tree. He drinks wine by the light of the moon. He rambles up 5.7 trad. He wears out the ass of his Carharts. Somewhere in there, he lost his father. And its all added up to a man living free and relishing his life in the climbing community. Listen and learn how to simplify and, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell, “Let go of the life you have planned and accept the life you have waiting for you.”

Hobo Greg Online

Hobo Greg at the Climbing Zine.

6 Replies to “Episode 185: Hobo Greg – Crossing the Threshold.”

  1. Greg is a clown. There’s plenty of climbing in and around NYC. Ever heard of the gunks? Hell, theres bouldering in central park for crying out loud

  2. Just listened to this episode (love them all). I grew up climbing in JT and the San Jacintos (I’m 46) so its cool to hear about local peeps. Just thought I’d let you know, since it came up, A16 is still alive. There. You’re welcome.

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