Enormocast 219: Genevive Walker – Holding Fast to the Dream

Photos: D. Scott Clark, D. Scott Clark, Andrew English

On Episode 219 of the Enormocast, I connect online with Genevive Walker. Genevive is living the “dream” on the road full time. In the last year, she’s taken some offers for sponsorship and is now trying to reconcile the life of a public figure and “pro” with the realities of living hand-to-mouth in a van as a dirtbag climber. Add the need to be active in the community as a Black woman climber, someone recovering from disordered eating, and an athlete, Genevive is not sure she can do it all. However, she’s threatening to be a threat as a mentor, guide, and spokesperson, just give her a minute to find and eradicate the poop smell in her van and she WILL change the world.


Episode 185: Hobo Greg – Crossing the Threshold.

On Episode 185 of the Enormocast, I am joined in Carbondale by a mythical figure named Hobo Greg. Who is Hobo Greg? I don’t know, even now. He left his home in New Jersey on a Greyhound bus four years ago and is now a climbing guide in Joshua Tree. He drinks wine by the light of the moon. He rambles up 5.7 trad. He wears out the ass of his Carharts. Somewhere in there, he lost his father. And its all added up to a man living free and relishing his life in the climbing community. Listen and learn how to simplify and, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell, “Let go of the life you have planned and accept the life you have waiting for you.”

Hobo Greg Online

Hobo Greg at the Climbing Zine.


Episode 92: James Lucas – Free Riding.

Kalous and James and his little Spanish friend under La Reina Mora in Siurana.
Kalous and James and his little Spanish friend under La Reina Mora in Siurana.

On Episode 92 of the Enormocast, I reunite with a Enormo-favorite James Lucas. He left his Saturn behind, went to Spain, and climbed the Freerider in a day, all since we last heard from him in Episode 47. James continues to lead the dirtbag life, bouncing from Yosemite, to Salt Lake, and around the world. Some call him the last American Dirtbag, some call him the last Stonemaster, some just call him Peaches, but nobody doesn’t smile when JL shows up.

The Last American Dirtbag

James hitting the Open Mic

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