Episode 182: Molly Mitchell – Silence the Mind, Send the Climb.

On Episode 182 of the Enormocast, I sit down with young(ish) trad and sport climber, Molly Mitchell. I first hung out with Molly just two short years ago, and in the interim, she has burst onto the scene as a professional climber ticking hard trad and sport ascents with ease. Molly is not you’re typical young climber in that her trad grades nearly match her sport grades. Also, she battles through every ascent while dealing with diagnosed anxiety. Yet, she still manages to have a lot of fun and kick ass at the same time. Whatever happens next for Molly, you can be sure she’ll get through to the chains with hard work and a smile on her face.

3 Replies to “Episode 182: Molly Mitchell – Silence the Mind, Send the Climb.”

  1. Also one of my favorites in recent times – they’re all great but this one made for particularly enjoyable listening!

  2. One of my favorite most recent episodes. Keep that trad train going, Chris! This one’s gold.

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