Episode 183: Jim Donini – Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends.

On Episode 183 of the Enormocast, I sit down with truly legendary alpinist, Jim Donini. Jim has been banging it out on big climbs since before most of you, dear listeners, were born. Jim cemented his reputation early on in Patagonia when it was still a truly wild frontier, but Donini went on to put up first ascents on all 7 continents. His career also depicts a long love affair with the Karakorum and Alaska. But for Jim, the quality of the person at the other end of his rope is far more important than the climbing objective, and Jim has passed through thick and thin with many of the greats. 55 years and not stopping yet, Jim Donini is barometer for what’s possible in climbing longevity.

7 Replies to “Episode 183: Jim Donini – Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends.”

  1. One of my favorite episodes for sure. Do you know what the camp was, that he talked about in the beginning and if there will be one in the coming years, maybe by something similar by some other organizer? It sure sounded very interesting

  2. This is one incredible life story, with some heavy moments… Thank you for putting together this interview.

  3. lord, this man has stories. What a legend, really appreciate his wisdom. Thanks for doing this interview!!

  4. Can’t wait to listen to this…Donini is an all arounder. He is one of the greats. Last saw him at the Camp 4 commemoration in Yosemite Valley in 1999 with a slew of the all time greats from Yosemite and beyond.

    1. One of my favorite episodes. I just hit 63 and haven’t slowed down much if at all. Sounds like I have at least 13 great years coming up. Hope to celebrate my 75th birthday in the Karakorum like he did! Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring episode.

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