Episode 200: Timmy O’Neill – A Life of Yes.

On Episode 200 of the Enormocast, I sit down with Timmy O’Neill. Timmy made a name for himself as a speed demon on the walls of Yosemite, but also as a fast-talking wise ass in such films as Urban Ape and Paralellojams. Born on the mean streets of Philly as one member of an enormous Irish Catholic family, Timmy busted a move to the West as soon as he was able and lucked into a scene in Yosemite with such contemporaries as Dean Potter and Sean “Stanley” Leary. His brother, Sean O’Neill, lost the use of his legs as a youth, and Timmy pushed his brother to become a climber and finally climb big walls. The experience of seeing his brother thrive in the vertical world on El Cap led Timmy to help form and help run Paradox Sports for many years. He also became a trusted partner for blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer. Now at middle age, Timmy is able to reflect in a crazy life on the rocks and all the love he feels for the gifts the natural world has given him and for the community that surrounds.

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  1. Great conversation and Chris you have a comfortable yet direct way of getting into these topics. I really enjoyed this as it points out it is possible to find opportunities through adversity or trauma. What really hit home for me was when Timmy talked about his mom’s passing and the relationship they had. I lost my mom April 16th, she was 92 so like his situation it was expected yet no matter how well prepared we are for someone’s passing it still is a tremendous loss. Conversations like this take me back to my wife’s passing in 2012 (cancer), 10 days shy of her 53 rd bday and the grieving process that never really ends. Then my dad passed Sept. 2013 (cancer). So hearing Timmy talk about his mom put me into a tail spin of emotions. I lived with mom and have remained in the house, its weird how empty it feels still after almost 4 months. Chris these are so much more then climbing podcasts, thank you.

  2. At 200, it was done. Enormo no more. At least that’s how it has begun to feel. Watching hours turn to days with no new episode; the climbing media void must be filled, however. Thus, I have become saturated with shirtless mellow climbing videos to the point that I now wake up screaming “come on daniel”. Please rescue me Chris. Please give me a tasty little hour of high quality climbing media. I can’t continue on much longer. You’ve created an addict; I just need one more hit!

    In all seriousness, I truly appreciate the work you put in to create free media for us. You’ve made many of my working days better. I’m really looking forward to your next episode. Thanks Chris!

    P.S. when are you going to bag sharma?

  3. Wow. Thanks. Been looking forward to this for awhile and after listening I’m reminded why. Just an amazing person, and this is why I climb is cuz its the only place I find these folks.

    Congrats on 10 years Chris! You’ve made a really important contribution.

    1. Thanks. I think that climbing and sort of the peter pan syndrome that can come with it can stunt ones path to true maturity. But Timmy has somehow managed to both stay wide eyed and youthful and yet mature and become self reflective and use wisdom in a very deep way. It was a tremendously powerful conversation in the room. I’m glad that came across on tape.

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