Episode 201: Listener Mail Volume 4 – The Almost No PAS Edition.

On Episode 201 of the Enormocast, I sit down at the Monkey House climbing gym in Carbondale, CO with repeat guest Mary Harlan and Rock and Ice’s Francis Sanzaro to answer listener mail. Both Mary and Francis have decades of climbing experience, and Mary happens to also be an experienced guide. On this long awaited edition of Listener Mail, we tackle style, ethics, and culture questions galore. Some good laughs and some deep thoughts ensue. If you contributed, your swag will be forthcoming. If you missed out on submitting this time, hopefully it will be less than 4 years until the next one because these are a lot of fun to record.

Francis’ latest book: Society Elsewhere

Delicious Dish: Schweddy Balls

2 Replies to “Episode 201: Listener Mail Volume 4 – The Almost No PAS Edition.”

  1. Good episode. A couple of thoughts while I was listening:
    Lost climbers – many well known climbers seem to enjoy, if not seek out, our attention, compliments and adoration for their accomplishments when they are among us. We follow them on social media, go to their slideshows (do they still do slideshows?), buy their books, etc. Why should we then not feel ok to share our sadness and grief at their loss?

    Kids at the crag – fine, but please have a responsible adult around to watch them. I’ve watched mom climbing, dad belaying and the bored kids doing dangerous stuff with no one to intervene if they get hurt.
    And if your infant is in a car seat, please don’t have them at your feet while you’re belaying and risk dropped gear or a broken hold falling on them.
    Sorry, but I’ve seen both scenarios and, selfishly, I find it a bit distracting. Maybe a P.A.S. could be used to anchor the kiddos out of harm’s way.

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