Episode 202: Celine Haga – Fight or Flight.

On Episode 202 of the Enormocast, I sit down across an internet gulf with neophyte climber and veteran MMA fighter, Celine Haga. Celine hails from Norway, but is ensconced in Albuquerque, NM to train for a sport that is illegal in her home country. Her desire to fight came after failing several physical fitness tests and being rejected by the Norwegian Army. Soon, the otherwise determined Haga was a powerlifter, then a ju-jitsu devotee, and finally found herself fighting in a ring in Japan. After years of MMA training and bouts around the world, Celine finally found a comparable pursuit to feed her addiction to challenge: climbing. Now a fledgling climber looking at a possible retirement from fighting, Celine Haga has fascinating views on the comparison of fighting an opponent and fighting for the chains.

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  1. Can we have an episode of you just talking about adventures/stories on Longs Peak?? I bet you have a couple after 90 summits

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