Episode 203: Mary Catherine Eden AKA Tradprincess – Fun and Freedom.

Photographers clockwise TL: Priscilla Mewborne, Mark Joilissant, Mercadi Carlson

On Episode 203 of the Enormocast, I meet up with Mary Eden, AKA Tradprincess on a porch in Moab, UT. It was a pleasant morning prelude to scorcher of a day and Mary and I got a solid hour in just before she bailed to Flagstaff. Mary came from Appalachia and ended up in Moab with enough gumption to try climbing. After a few years as a hobbyist, Mary got down to business in 2015. She had a series of old school mentors that instilled the hard ethics of climb, don’t talk. But nevertheless, after a bet, Mary got an Instagram account and Tradprincess was born. Starting off as a hard core traddie, Mary now tries to embrace all forms of rock climbing in her relentless pursuit of fun and freedom on the rocks.

4 Replies to “Episode 203: Mary Catherine Eden AKA Tradprincess – Fun and Freedom.”

  1. Holy shit Kalous! That’s pretty heavy. I’m referring to the childcare aspect which, as a parent [which I’m not] I suspect you’ll agree, completely outweighs any climbing priority. If I’d simply have had charge of my brother’s siblings – which would have been early twenties, never mind 15 – I’d have panicked; and immediately thereafter passed them on to their various grandparents and rather more capable aunt. If for nothing else, I think this lady deserves a sainthood.

  2. Such a good one! I love listening to people’s stories of how they found climbing.

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