Episode 204: Favia Dubyk – Upon the Mortal Side.

On Episode 204, I connect across state lines with climber, doctor, athlete, ninja, cancer survivor, and last but not least, president of the Southern Maryland Youth Foreign Film and Cuisine Club, Favia Dubyk. Favia grew up “below the Mason-Dixon line” but ended up attending Harvard and Columbia and ended up living in Cleveland and now New Mexico. Finding climbing along the way, Favia now fancies herself a “roof boulderer” that dabbles in sport climbing. Also along the way, Favia was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma at 24 and very nearly lost her life to the disease. With the help of her then boyfriend, now husband, and a host of other friends, family members, and health professionals, Favia returned to a life of normalcy and CLIMBING. Now a pathologist in New Mexico and mom to 5 cats and a dog, Favia lives a life of seemingly unbounded energy and joy and truly lives to climb.

Favia on American Ninja Warrior