Episode 127: Erik Weihenmayer – Learning by Letting Go.

On Episode 27 of the Enormocast, I sit down with blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer. Erik found climbing just in time to save him from a miserable existence in the dark safe place where taking chances and adventure are out of the question. Instead, Erik learned to push against his boundaries and seek fearful situations to help him grow. Giving in to his blindness instead of fighting it was the ironic catalyst to a life of adventure that has taken Erik to the top of Denali, Everest, and countless other ice, rock, and snow climbs. Not satisfied with just climbing, Erik also learned to kayak and descended the entire Grand Canyon. Erik has learned to let go of the forces he can’t control and achieve a certain flow in the river of life. And did I mention that he can’t see a damn thing? And climbs 5.11 and kayaks class 5? WTF?

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3 Replies to “Episode 127: Erik Weihenmayer – Learning by Letting Go.”

  1. Holy shit Chris, this was the most inspirational cast ever. It ranks right (left.. what ever) up there with the best of the best (pretty much all of the others are also the best but this one is even better). However, it does make me feel small in comparison. Nailed it hard with the dialog around fear of living within your self created prison. So true with so many areas of life. Don’t be a sack of potatoes. Don’t be a reactor, don’t climb to show off or 1 up someone. Climb for your own fulfillment. Such great dialog.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, Erik really walks the walk when it comes to adventure for all the right reasons. Just a damn good person whose self reflection is something to aspire to in our own lives. Really glad I got this one done.

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