Episode 128: Live from Devils Lake Craggin’ Classic

On Episode 128, I dig back in the archives for a live show recorded last year at the American Alpine Club’s Craggin’ Classic in Devils Lake, WI. One rainy, soggy, muddy night, three guest joined me for a panel discussion on the colorful history of the upper Midwest’s most storied cliff. Guidebook author Jay Knower, guide James Schroeder, and boulderer and Boulders Climbing Gym manager Katie Schultz talk history, grades, the infamous DLFA and more. Good times under a tent and a cloudy sky in the North Woods. As the climbing season in Wisco gets rolling, let deez guys get youz guys psyched for the Lake!

Jay’s New Devils Lake Guide

Devils Lake Climbing Guides

Boulders Climbing Gym, Madison, WI

More Legends of the DLFA

Get Involved with the Wisconsin Climber’s Association

2017 Craggin Classics including DL Oct 13-15.


5 Replies to “Episode 128: Live from Devils Lake Craggin’ Classic”

  1. Didn’t listen to all of it, was a bit bummed about the poor quality sound.

    1. Yeah. We had some trouble live with the wireless mics and the sound I recorded was then kind of whacked, too. I’m faced with improvised setups at all of these events and have to wing the tech sometimes.

  2. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks Chris! Going to do my best to make it to the Craggin’ this upcoming Fall, for certain. Just did Brinton’s for the first time last week, and hearing about how the Lake makes you think about feet rings true.

  3. Chris, you pierce my Midwestern heart again with this one!

    Forgot to send you money this year, oops.
    Kaching or Kachoong coming your way.
    Keep up the good work!

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