Episode 188: Jason Kruk – When There’s Nothing Left to Prove.

On Episode 188 of the Enormocast, I sit down in Squamish, BC with Canadian alpinist, Jason Kruk. Jason and I have been threatening to do a show for almost 8 years now and finally got it on tape. Jason delves into his beginnings, his storied partnership with Will Stanhope, his love of alpinism, and his friendship with the late Hayden Kennedy. Jason is that rare professional that walked away from the spotlight on his own terms. Now, Jason is striving to redefine his climbing in the mountains away from risk and toward something more creative, sublime, and secret.

The Alberta North Face Story

5 Replies to “Episode 188: Jason Kruk – When There’s Nothing Left to Prove.”

  1. A refreshing change from the norm. A very accomplished climber being reflective about decisions they’ve made, good and bad. I really appreciated Jason’s honesty and found his decision to step away from the sponsored climber game most interesting. A great interview – one of my favourites in the past year. Good job, to you both!

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