Epsiode 154: Buddy Nielsen – One Version of a Dangerous World.

On Episode 154 of the Enormocast, I sit down back stage at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado with Senses Fail frontman and founding member, Buddy Nielsen. Buddy has been the lead singer and driving force behind this acclaimed hardcore band since 2002. Living the touring rock band life led him into many of the typical pitfalls of booze, drugs, and erratic behavior. But rock climbing, the birth of his daughter, and the care from and for his wife have brought him to a hard-won place of balance in the last 3 years. Buddy is a proud helmet-wearing, slab-climbing, dad-climber who, like us all, aspires to get a little better every time he climbs. He finds that the fear and challenge of rock climbing is a balm to his anxiety in normal life. All the tunes in this one come from Senses Fail’s 2018 recording, If There is Light, It Will Find You. 

A Good ol’ Fashioned Music Video from Senses Fail.

A reminder that once in a while rock stars do, in fact, climb.


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  1. Super fun! That’s the great thing about climbing. I’ve met people at a climbing spot and was totally myself. Then later found out they were a brain surgeon or professional musician. People who I would be totally intimidated by and not want to bother them. Climbing is a great equalizer.

  2. This was a rather good “Everyman Episode.” Thanks.

    And, thanks for finally saying the full date.
    (I’m only 2.5 yrs behind now!)

  3. This was such a fun episode. I totally forgot that Senses Fail even existed. Loving the different interviews and shows you’ve been doing lately. Keep it up!

  4. I really like the Episode 154: Buddy Nielsen. He said a lot about climbing that I find personally relevant to my own life and climbing life. I thought it was a really good episode. I don’t quite understand why you seem to feel uneasy about it in your monolog. I found the discussion to be very good.

    1. I thought it turned out great. I was more uneasy up until I did the interview because I am not used to going through a publicist and not communicating with the person directly before hand.

      1. I thought it was really great. I really liked the part when he said that no magazine wants a cover photo of him on some slab carrying way too much gear. That was great. However, a lot of really cool guys/gals carry way too much gear.

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