Episode 160: Kathy Karlo Goes Deep.

On Episode 160 of the Enormocast, I sit down with blogger and freshly minted podcaster, Kathy Karlo. Kathy made a name for herself with her For the Love of Climbing blog , and has now rocked climbing podcasting with a new show that pulls no punches on the dark and difficult emotions in the climbing community. Kathy herself is a versed trad climber and world traveler, and on the For the Love of Climbing Podcast, she coaxes out stories from our community that others shy away from. Good person, good climber, good listener, great podcaster.


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  1. Really, really appreciate this episode as a young female climber and solid listener a year+ now. I tune in regularly for the conversational, shop-talk style of your show, but this was an interesting (albeit heavy) change of pace and a candid look at some real-life issues. Your ability to switch it up, while continuously finding ways to incorporate humor as well as humility, makes serious topics more accessible to a rad, though equally flawed (and probably twice as stubborn) sub-group of people (climbers). Also really digging the Run Out…. it’s like all the extra stuff ya couldn’t fit in one of your long-ass Enormocast episodes. Cheers from the Midwest.

    1. Thanks for the compliments. I try to be open to any angle that comes my way, if the logistics work out, too. I also don’t try to force a direction in the interviews. Its a little risky, and this one felt kind of risky to me as I am not that sensitive some times.

  2. Great podcast and thanks for turning us on to a new voice. Loving the Run Out podcast as well. Keep the content coming!

  3. I love your podcast. Kathy was an eloquent and interesting speaker. That being said I really feel that this topic is at the outer limits of what could be considered relevant to a climbing podcast. Sure, we are discussing situations that affect climbers in their greater lives but I’m curious at what point that stops being useful or interesting. All of your best podcasts in my opinion have been either about old school climbers telling their stories or getting to know what makes someone tick. Hopefully the next podcast isnt about Ron Kauk cutting his grass for 50 minutes.

    Either way, love the show and thanks for all you do.

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