Episode 30: Matt Samet- Climbing up from the depths of madness.

Matt Samet accompanies me to Colomibia. Not American Airlines' sweet duct tape repair!
Matt Samet accompanies me to Colombia. Note American Airlines’ sweet duct tape repair! White duct tape= classy.

On Episode 30, I travel to a place called Gun Barrel to meet up with climber and author Matt Samet. We talk about his days developing Rifle, and his start as a climber. Yes, European listeners, we love guns so much we name our neighborhoods and towns after them. More importantly, we discuss the events depicted in his new book: Death Grip. Matt spent several years in a hellish battle with antidepressants and establishment psychiatry. Then we take a deep breadth, invite his toddler Ivan to the table, and the interview unwinds with a blatant plug for Matt’s next project. Ah, commerce!

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