Enormocast 255: Dani Dobrot and Prerna Dangi and the Birth of Global Climbing

Photos: Veronica Baker, Tyler Algeo, Erek West

On Episode 255 of the Enormocast, I connect with Dani Dobrot and Prerna Dangi. Dani is the Associate Director of the Global Climbing Initiative and Prerna is an Indian climber and guide for Climb Like a Woman. I catch up with both woman to talk about the Global Climbing Initiative, and its efforts to assist and empower climbing communities around the world. Dani’s experience as a medical aid worker informed her decision to join GCI and also gave her the experience to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of aid work around the globe. She brings this light but focused touch to GCI’s efforts in Kenya, Malawi, India and beyond. Prerna is a recipient of GCI’s investment in leadership training which she brings to her role in CLAW: the org started by Gowri Varanashi to introduce Indian women to rock climbing. GCI, Dani, and Prerna love climbing and are building the climbing community around the world.

Enormocast 231: Gowri Varanashi – Bringing It All Back Home

On Episode 231 of the Enormocast, I connect to the other side of the world with Indian climber, Gowri Varanashi. Gowri learned to climb in the US but fell in love with climbing in her home country of India. Immediately, she felt the need to bring more women into the small, male-dominated climbing community in India. Her efforts at CLAW (Climb Like a Woman) have not only introduced women to the nascent Indian climbing world, but also broken down barriers against women’s participation in outdoor pursuits in general. Now one of the top climbers in India herself, her pioneering efforts mean to transform her world for the better.