Episode 173: Craig DeMartino – Unintended Inspiration.

One Episode 173 of the Enormocast, Craig DeMartino returns to bask in 7 years of Enormocast glory. His original appearance, where he vividly describes his 100 footer into the turf and his recovery after a leg amputation, remains one of the top moments on the Enormocast. Craig continues to hear from folks about that gripping story. Now, 17 years out from the accident that took his leg and changed his life forever, Craig reflects on the long road to recovery, his legacy, his family life, and his role as a climbing facilitator for the disabled and injured. Calling Craig an inspiration makes him blush and get all awkward, but kicking ass as a climber and a human through such a life altering ordeal means he’s going to have to live with the title of INSPIRATION whether he likes it or not.

Craig’s Film: Craig’s Reaction.

Evolv’s Adaptive Climbing Foot designed by Malcolm Daly and tested by Craig


Episode 11: What has two arms, one leg, and climbs like a mofo? Craig Demartino.

Episode 11 is EPIC! Craig Demartino takes us blow by blow through his climbing accident which culminates (spoiler alert!) in losing his leg. He fights to survive, then he fights to regain his life, then fights to climb better than he ever did. The real deal doesn’t even come close to describing this guy. Guts, determination, and unconditional love all bring him through. Be inspired. In fact, if this doesn’t inspire you, you may be a soulless android. Stab yourself in the hand, does it hurt? Okay, you’re human after all.

More Craig: http://www.demartinophoto.blogspot.com/

Followup on Craig’s successful ascent of El Cap