Episode 104: Ines Papert – Walking the The Beautiful Line.

On episode 104, I sit down in the Mobile Studio with German climber, Ines Papert. Ines started like many by hiking in her local mountains in Bavaria. But one day she decided walking around cliff faces sucked, and her fate was sealed. She has since become one of the top mixed ice climbers, a strongĀ alpinist, and a top notch rock climber. Her proudest achievement? Raising up a 15 year old kid who loves the the outdoors, accordion, and big trucks. Climbing and exploration go hand in hand with being a mom for Ines.

Ines collage
Ines in her elements.

Ines’ Website

Ines on Riders on the Storm

Write up of the Riders Trip

A Trippy Version of Riders on the Storm


Episode 95: Stefan Glowacz – Still on Top.

Stefan Glowacz from innocence to experience.

On Episode 95 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a slowly deteriorating studio with German climbing legend, Stefan Glowacz. Stefan informed my early climbing with his seminal book Rocks Around the World. He started as a hotshot comp climber, then a sport climber, and has gone on to establish monsterĀ alpine routes and big rock climbs around the globe. Always seeking new adventures by fair means, Stefan is nowhere near done finding new goals and pushing the envelope.

A young Stefan freesolos Katchoong in Arapiles.

A crazy-ass rig in a cave.


Episode 82: Jack Tackle – True Grit.

Jack Tackle, Ruth Lake, Uinta Mountains, UT
Photo: Andrew Burr

On Episode 82 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a magical place with mountaineering legend and Bozeman native, Jack Tackle. From the Montana to the Himalaya to Patagonia, and most importantly, to Alaska, Jack Tackle has set light and fast standards since before that was a “thing”. This dogged, humble, hardman is still revered by generations that have literally followed in his footsteps. Jack reflects on his major ascents, friends lost, and a life of expedition climbing. The deep intonement of Jack Tackle’s baritone is like the voice of the mountain itself.


Episode 67: Dawn Glanc – The Icewoman Cometh.

Dawn and a woman’s best friend.

On Episode 67 of the Enormocast, I pull one more interview out of the dingy hotel in SLC. Dawn Glanc, from Episode 57: Mega pack, returns for a full interview. From 4×4 enthusiast to Black Hills badass, to Ouray CO homegirl, Dawn’s path to ice climbing and guiding was never set in stone. Also, Dawn is fired up about gender stereotypes and helping woman find their place in the mountains, alone and free.

Chicks Climbing

Dawn Glanc: Guide

The Always Video that got Dawn “Fired up!”




Epsiode 66: Angela Van Wiemeersch- The Ice Gypsy

Angela finding herself on the road.
Angela finding herself on the road.
AVW in AK.
AVW in AK.









On Epsiode 66, I sit down in a dumpy hotel in SLC with Angela Van Wiemeersch. Angela’s story began on the sharp blades of competition skating and came full circle when she strapped on crampons for the first time. In the meantime, we hear about a whirlwind life crisscrossing the US and Canada as a traveling soul, hunkering down in the Yukon winter, and finally getting a lucky date in the Ouray Ice Park. Angela’s entry into the hardcore world of ice climbing belies its fierce reputation. And though she has a lot to learn, swinging picks came as natural as hucking double axels.

Angela on Mt Hayes in Alaska