Episode 33: Jonathan Siegrist- Born to be a bad (and by that, we mean good).

J Siegrist, AKA JStar, below the Diamond in Colorado.
Jonathan, AKA JStar, below the Diamond in Colorado.

On Episode 33 of the Enormocast, I lure yet another subject to the Rodeway Inn in Salt Lake City (I think I deserve a couple free nights for all this publicity, eh?). Wunderkind Jonathan Siegrist sits down to reveal his climbing pedigree and a stunning background on big routes. He tells of early beat-downs in the mountains, and later beat-downs on El Cap. In between, he manages to climb a few routes and put up a few more. This toenail painting tough guy finally won my heart with a humble attitude and a reverence for his peers and mentors. Prepare to be swept off your feet like a prom queen after her 7th lemondrop shot.

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