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There are several ways you can help The Enormocast. Popularity means I can sell out sooner than later!

1. Go to the Facebook Page and like us and comment.

2. Go to the Itunes page and subscribe and write a review.

3. Link the page to your own blogs or in forums where you post.

4. Leave some comments at

5. Email at me,, with suggestions for topics, improvements, or connections to future guests or just your own banter and stories.

6. Support our sponsors.

7. Buy a T-SHIRT for you and your homies at

8. Follow on Twitter @enormocast.

9. Follow on Instagram @enormocast.

10. Feel like ponying up a few ducats to help this podcast stay alive? Click the button below and send The Enormocast some enormocash. The money will go into the Enormocast directly and not necessarily fund my lavish, 1% lifestyle. Even a couple of bucks helps. Heck, buy me a block of chalk. Seriously, thanks for helping out.

11. Most importantly: Tell your friends!

10 Responses to Help Out

  1. Justin says:

    I think the link to your instagram above should be to not just Hope that helps to get people to where they are trying to go.

  2. A says:

    Have you thought of requesting support via Patreon? It makes it easy for listeners to pony up a few bucks a month without thinking about it.

  3. Diego says:

    After a year of Enormocast-induced eargasms during my morning commute, I finally ponied up for a T-shirt. So stoked to sport some love at the local gym and crags! I feel like the guy in your Belay Specs add every time I talk to other SoCal climbers about the Enormocast, so I’m trying to spread the exposure in the hopes that someday the humble trickle of passive income dribbling from your enormo-efforts will finally amount to a sum large enough to pay for the enormo-baby’s first tiny pair of La Sportiva Stickits!

    • Chris Kalous says:

      Luckily, they will give those to me for free (I hope). But thanks for the spray. Its cocky, but I’m starting to get a little insulted when I talk to a climber that has never heard of the podcast. I though world domination was imminent. Alas.

  4. Josh says:

    Great stuff, really enjoying all your hard work. Only question… When are you getting Fred Beckey on? Get the 4hr interview down!

  5. Jodi Friedlander says:

    We love the Enormocast and the humor and intelligence you bring to the climbing conversation. Not sure how we’d make our weekend warrior drives up and down Hwy 395 to Lone Pine, Bishop, and Mammoth without your podcasts. I’m about to make a donation to your worthy cause and am hoping you can send us a couple of bumper stickers (do you still have those?), so we can advertise your cause here in bustling Tehachapi, Calif., where there are rumors that there is at least one other climber!

    Thanks from Jodi and Scott–the Alabama Hills Gang

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