Episode 158: Ken Yager and the Yosemite Facelift.

On Episode 158 of the Enormocast, I sit down in my sweet Denver hotel room with Ken Yager and Allyson Gunsallus of the Yosemite Climbing Association. Ken Yager started the Yosemite Facelift event 15 years ago out of his pickup, and the gathering has since cleaned up mountains of trash and debris from Yosemite Valley. Surreptitiously, Yager has also been kindling a love affair between climbers and NPS law enforcement. Ken also has been diligently collecting and housing artifacts from Yosemite climbing history as far back as its very beginning.  He’s been working for 20+ years to get a permanent museum space in the the park, and he feels that the NPS is on the verge of giving in.  What’s more, Ken has climbed continuously in the Valley as long as anybody and longer than most.

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Episode 93: Armando Menocal – The Peaceful Climbing Warrior.

ArmandoOn Episode 93 of the Enormocast, I hang with a guy who has spent his life protecting others and protecting climbing, Armando Menocal. An avowed weekend warrior, Armando used climbing to blow off steam from his day job as a human rights lawyer stemming all the way back to the anti-war movement in 1969. Armando went on to work for the AAC, found the Access Fund, become an Exum Guide, and develop climbing in Cuba. Armando is now developing a Pan American access organization, Access PanAm. Trying to have a good time, all the time, Armando still never seems to stop giving back to the climbing community he cherishes.

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Episode 74: Brady Robinson- The Accidental Advocate.

Brady Robinson Then and Now.

On Episode 74, we begin by celebrating the Enromocast’s 1 millionth download- Uncle Phil, I know it was you!

Then I get to the conversation with The Access Fund Executive Director, Brady Robinson. Brady talks about talking his way into his post at the AF, being Jimmy Chin’s wingman, and all the amazing things that the Access Fund does to make sure YOU have a place to climb. We finish by explaining the Rock Project and  The Pact, while I complain about old people like us. I nice clean recording from the bowels of the Rodeway Inn in Salt Lake City.

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