Episode 121: Christopher Parker – Went Down To The Crossroads.

On Episode 121 of the Enormocast, I sit down with friend, musician, and former band-mate, Chris Parker. Chris and I discuss his ambitions with both music and climbing, and why its so tough to be addicted to both. His mission in life is to reconcile the all-consuming passion for climbing with the discipline and demands of musicianship. Right now, climbing is king, but if that slick agent showed up and dangled a contract and a tour? Who knows? We also debate whether climbing art exists as its own movement. Finally, most importantly, Chris plays us four of his own tunes.

Song 1: The Climbers. Song 2: Roll ‘Em While You Can. Song 3: Yosemite Gold. Song 4: Mothers and Fathers.


Download Chris’ New Album Here.