Episode 121: Christopher Parker – Went Down To The Crossroads.

On Episode 121 of the Enormocast, I sit down with friend, musician, and former band-mate, Chris Parker. Chris and I discuss his ambitions with both music and climbing, and why its so tough to be addicted to both. His mission in life is to reconcile the all-consuming passion for climbing with the discipline and demands of musicianship. Right now, climbing is king, but if that slick agent showed up and dangled a contract and a tour? Who knows? We also debate whether climbing art exists as its own movement. Finally, most importantly, Chris plays us four of his own tunes.

Song 1: The Climbers. Song 2: Roll ‘Em While You Can. Song 3: Yosemite Gold. Song 4: Mothers and Fathers.


Download Chris’ New Album Here.



6 Replies to “Episode 121: Christopher Parker – Went Down To The Crossroads.”

  1. Is “Roll’em while you can” the only song played on this episode that is also on the album? I don’t see the other ones on iTunes and they were great!

    1. Or do what I’ve done a few times with live performances on podcasts. Drop the mp3 of the show into Garage Band or Audacity and cut out the tunes into separate files. Voila, BOOTLEGS!

  2. Excellent show. This episode was a graceful collaboration, showing both of your respective strengths and professionalism. Top notch.

    I’m interested in your further thoughts about the unique challenges posed by climbing that limits the creation of art. Obviously, it’d be difficult to haul a guitar or easal up to the bivy. But cragging and bouldering are similar in practice to a surf or skate sesh, and those art scenes seem to thrive.

    I appreciate you.

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