Episode 67: Dawn Glanc – The Icewoman Cometh.

Dawn and a woman’s best friend.

On Episode 67 of the Enormocast, I pull one more interview out of the dingy hotel in SLC. Dawn Glanc, from Episode 57: Mega pack, returns for a full interview. From 4×4 enthusiast to Black Hills badass, to Ouray CO homegirl, Dawn’s path to ice climbing and guiding was never set in stone. Also, Dawn is fired up about gender stereotypes and helping woman find their place in the mountains, alone and free.

Chicks Climbing

Dawn Glanc: Guide

The Always Video that got Dawn “Fired up!”



Episode 57: Enormocast Mega Pack

The vast Redrocks from atop the Rainbow Wall.

On Episode 57 of the Enormocast, we blaze through four separate mini-interviews with four excellent climbers recorded at the 2014 Redrock Renedezvous. Nik Berry is a young(er) guy coming out of SLC and destroying everything he touches, with a recent free ascent of the Hallucinogen Wall under his belt. Chris Shulte is a soul-boulderer with a jones for squeezing fridges. Our old friend Kate Rutherford returns to show her appreciation for the Enormonation. Dawn Glanc, a ice climber and guide from Ouray, CO rounds out the cast. Fast and furious, short and sweet, young and restless.

Nik Berry doing something kinda dumb.

Chris Shulte futzing around in Indian Creek.

Exquisite Jewelery by Kate Rutherford.

Dawn Glanc in her element.