Episode 116: Dave Allfrey – Psyched and Solid.

daveallfrey On Episode 116, I sit down with big wall badass ans speed climber, Dave Allfrey. His endless psyche and skills-to-pay-the-bills has made Dave one of the go-to guys in the Sierra and beyond when moving fast and safe is on the menu. Dave’s years on SAR and mentorships from some of the best has made him the kind of climber that will succeed no matter what the project. Dave has also forged partnerships with the best young climbers of his generation. In this episode, Dave gives his perspective on the discussion of Haywire that we started with Cheyne Lempe back in Episode 110. Too much stoke for just an hour, but it will have to do. Dave’s Website  


Episode 107: Mike Libecki – Passion for Adventure.

Mike libecki
Mike in Greenland during the Year of the Dragon.











On Episode 107 of the Enormocast, I sit down in an office in Carbondale with expedition climber, explorer, and super-dad, Mike Libecki. Mike was once just a Yosemite climbing- bum like so many before him, but then he found expedition climbing and his fate was sealed. 60+ expeditions later and first ascents in far-flung locals such as Baffin Island, Greenland, Madagascar, and Afghanistan, Mike is still going strong and pulling his daughter along with him in his life of exploration. 100 expeditions are his goal, and after that? More trips, we suppose. “Never ration passion!” is Mike’s saying du jour, and he lives that every damn day.

Mike’s Website.

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About Mike’s Film Poumaka.


Episode 52: Lynn Hill- Ain't no mountain high enough. Part 2.

Lynn using Eye-of-tiger style on a rare short-person ascent of Midnight Lightning.
Lynn using Eye-of-tiger style on a rare short-person ascent of Midnight Lightning.

On Episode 52, we wrap up the second half of my epic interview with Lynn Hill. See Part 1 here. Believing that she could do it was all that it really took for Lynn to free the Nose in 1993, and again in a day in 1994 (nearly 20 years ago! Holy crap!). This feat cemented her legacy as one of the greatest ever to pull on a pair of rock slippers. She also fills us in on dinking, Tub Talks, and who inspires her in the current women’s climbing scene.

Lynn’s Website.