Episode 89: Emily Harrington- On Top o’ the World.

Emily on the ground after her ascent of Golden Gate on El cap and showing off the price she paid in the Monster Offwidths.
Emily showing off the price she paid in the Monster Offwidths on El Cap. Photo: James Lucas

On Episode 89 of the Enormocast, I sit down in an undisclosed location in Salt Lake City with Colorado climber and Everest sumiteer, Emily Harrington. Emily came storming out of the gym as a “kid” and took down many of Rifle’s hardest as a teenager. But unlike many of her compatriots, she aspires to become a legit high altitude mountaineer, and already has a free El Cap ascent under her belt after only three years of trad climbing. Emily is quietly building the skill set to become one of the best all-arounders in the game. From 5.14 to 8000 meters, this girl wants to do it all.

Emily’s website and Makalu Portal

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