Enormocast 246: Bronwyn Hodgins – Make a Plan, Stick to the Plan

Photos Jaron Pham, Nick Smith. Jacob Cook

On Episode 246 of the Enormocast, I connect for the second time on the show with Canadian climber, Bronwyn Hodgins. Bron appeared on the show in 2019 with her husband, Jacob Cook, and since that time, Bron’s climbing has evolved and grown exponentially. She’s freed more big walls, climbed hard sport, .13d cracks, and expeditioned into the deepest regions of Baffin Island. Her husband Jacob was a mentor, but now Bron is a certified guide and strong mentor to others. And her OTHER superpower is her ability to tackle the logistics and planning of far flung expeditions in the far north. Being able to put all the moving parts together for a long and safe(ish) stay in the backcountry is an ability that Bron was practically born with. All in all, Bronwyn Hodgins represents the new soul of Canadian climbing.

Bron’s Insta

Enormocast 227: Jordan Cannon – The Full Picture

A5 Traverse Golden Gate, After the send afterglow, Peace. All Photos: Max Buschini

On Episode 227 of the Enormocast, I sit down in a van (his) in Rifle with return guest Jordan Cannon. Jordan’s career continues to flourish since his last appearance on the Enormocast with Mark Hudon and his first appearance back in 2018. The main topic on the table is Jordan’s saga with freeing Golden Gate on El Cap including his one day free ascent last year. We also talk about being a professional climber, Jordan’s evolving relationship with is mentor and best friend Mark, and finally, his recent coming out as gay and how that public revelation has changed his life. Jordan seems to represent a lot of what’s great and noble about climbing and its always fun to hear from him.

Episode 151: A Candid Ascent of El Cap.

On Episode 151 of the Enormocast, you, dear listener, join the Enormocast for an ascent of Golden Gate on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Golden Gate is a variation off the Salathe Wall, and as a free climb, the next step up from FreeRider. On May 18th, 2018, Steve Dilk and I blasted off up the Heart Highway for what would become a 7 day ascent of the wall- Steve’s first big wall, and my return to the Captain after 12 years. We encountered rain, pain, and scary climbing, but in the end, eked out an ascent that was not nearly in the style we had planned in terms of free climbing, but hell, we summitted.

Emily Harrington sending that Shit.

Hazel Findlay sending that Shit.