Episode 151: A Candid Ascent of El Cap.

On Episode 151 of the Enormocast, you, dear listener, join the Enormocast for an ascent of Golden Gate on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Golden Gate is a variation off the Salathe Wall, and as a free climb, the next step up from FreeRider. On May 18th, 2018, Steve Dilk and I blasted off up the Heart Highway for what would become a 7 day ascent of the wall- Steve’s first big wall, and my return to the Captain after 12 years. We encountered rain, pain, and scary climbing, but in the end, eked out an ascent that was not nearly in the style we had planned in terms of free climbing, but hell, we summitted.

Emily Harrington sending that Shit.

Hazel Findlay sending that Shit. 

12 Replies to “Episode 151: A Candid Ascent of El Cap.”

  1. This was a great episode, a nice change up from the interview-based ones. Enjoying the runout podcast as well so far, glad that you are keeping the whole thing rolling post-enormobaby.

    GG looks like a beautiful route, though. There are so many good-looking pitches. Hopefully the alpinist amnesia is setting in and you are planning a return.

          1. I was thinking more in terms of Euros, etc. who don’t spend much time in the valley and still get it done. Sending .13 on day 4 of El cap is obviously a different animal vs. sending .13 at the crag. Lots of examples of post-40/50 climbers in the community sending hard, though. Tap into your inner Stevie Haston, haha

  2. I really liked this episode. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to record in the heat of the moment, but being on the wall seemed to put you guys in an extra thoughtful mood!

    The part where you were thinking about how climbing has changed for you over time reminded me of a Roger Ebert review, where he reflected on how La Dolce Vita meant different things to him as he went through life…

    I think climbing has a way of reflecting our motivations, feelings, insecurities back at us…it has a way of making the important things more clear…

    PS. You should develop an EnormoHotline so you can call in favors from dedicated listeners. Me and my bud were camped at Lower Lee Vining when you guys were getting rained on at Tioga Pass. I’ve been there, crunched in the car dreaming of sunrise….

    PPS. Don’t feel bad about missing the free ascent of Golden Gate. I’m 28 and hoping to break into 5.9 trad this year. Next 5 years will be spent on 5.9+.

  3. Your ability to capture those inviting NPR-quality coffee sips on the side of a big wall is remarkable.

  4. One of the best shows to date. Really appreciated the experimental format and the raw on-the-wall perspective … let us know when you start remembering this as a fully reasonable and fun experience -:)

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