Enormocast Tweener: Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook’s Greenland Odyssey

Al Photos Jaron Pham

On this in-between ep of the Enormocast, I reconnect with Bron Hodgins and Jacob Cook to get a great trip report on their summer 2022 climbing and paddling expedition to Greenland. On Bron’s last Enormocast from August 2022, she was literally days away from departure when we recorded. The expedition was 40 days give or take, involved 6 team members, and was done by inflatable kayak and foot. Several walls were climbed, including a first ascent on the massive Kaersorsuak (Sanderson’s Hope).

Enormocast 246: Bronwyn Hodgins – Make a Plan, Stick to the Plan

Photos Jaron Pham, Nick Smith. Jacob Cook

On Episode 246 of the Enormocast, I connect for the second time on the show with Canadian climber, Bronwyn Hodgins. Bron appeared on the show in 2019 with her husband, Jacob Cook, and since that time, Bron’s climbing has evolved and grown exponentially. She’s freed more big walls, climbed hard sport, .13d cracks, and expeditioned into the deepest regions of Baffin Island. Her husband Jacob was a mentor, but now Bron is a certified guide and strong mentor to others. And her OTHER superpower is her ability to tackle the logistics and planning of far flung expeditions in the far north. Being able to put all the moving parts together for a long and safe(ish) stay in the backcountry is an ability that Bron was practically born with. All in all, Bronwyn Hodgins represents the new soul of Canadian climbing.

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